Monday, June 07, 2004

Reagan Kicks the Bucket

Here he is in a rare happy moment, watching WWE RAW. Go on Benoit!

The sad news of ex US President Ronald Reagan finnaly losing his struggle against Alzheimer's Disease is one which the USA are taking very seriously. Poor git didn't even know that he was President at some point, or for that matter, a very funny Spitting Image puppet either. Click here for news article if you actually care. If you don't click here, I won't complain.

I take it you've all heard of Venus's transit? Here's a quote from the BBC's science website (I kid you not), this is right on the top of the page;


Venus passes across the face of the Sun on Tuesday 8 June 2004
The last transit of Venus was in 1882 - so no one alive has seen this rare event

No shit! Not even the Queen Mum saw it then, and she was over a 100, and made out of spare parts lol! It's like saying that no-one alive saw the Battle of Hastings.

She's stuffed and kept in an attic - the old battle-axe. She didn't see the last transit of Venus either. Well done the BBC!

The Queen Mum, or Yoda as some of her more adoring public called her (other than "old twat").

God, like twins seperated at birth


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