Friday, June 04, 2004

A Very Good Morning to all of your Bloggers out there

Hello fellow Bloggers, Captain Jeccius here :)

I've literally just been introduced to this bloggerism of a site; looks rather interesting actually. Looks like a good place to winge, and share all of the good Captain's bad fortunes with the world..heh heh heh. I have been subject to varying degrees of torture - demons delivered straight from the wastes of the Promised land and appeared in the following forms;

1 - Me exhaust fell off - only a Peugot 106 1.1, but still a nice £160 bill for this. Great.

2 - Me works place owes me a nice £500 bonus, which should have been paid to my entire team last month, but HR decided to give us a further boost of help which is to stop us having it, and delaying it all until next month instead. God Bless the HR...may they all die slow with pesticide poisoning.

To cap these two off, I've also got an engagement party to organise (which sadly is my own, bumper fun) and also is my birthday on the beginning of next month. My birthday will be spent throwing stones at kids in the park me thinks....

Still though, been OD'ing on Hell's Kitchen and I've got to say with regards to the new Big Brother, they really dug the retrobates out of the barrel on this one. More tranformed mutants than an 80's toy convention going on at the mo, so unfortunately E4 will be viewing this live 18 hours a day, leaving only the other 6 hours for Friends re-runs (that will upset the Friends fans). I missed the opening night of BB5 unfortunately, heard it was repeated too. Had more important things to do sorry, was [INSERT EXCUSE HERE]. What I did see though, was one of the first BB updates, which had some blonde bloke walking around with his Norweigan delegate hanging out behind an apron. What was worse, some other bloke was wiping sun-cream into his @rse, while the rest of the 'cast' were all laughing like sealions. What a bunch of tards. I'm gonna watch channel 5, just to make a statement.

Going back to Hell's Kitchen, that has been real funny. Actually watching celebs do a hard day's work has been excellent, and watching them squirm and give up is even better. Big up to the ones who didn't quit intentionally, except for Roger Cook that is who lost a fight with a chair lol. The guy takes on the Russian Mafia and buys stolen Uranium, and breaks his knee when sitting on Ikea, the pillock :D

Still though, other than working 13 hour shifts to get as much overtime as possible (which will most probs turn up in my pay a decade next August) life has been nonchalent so to speak :)

More winges soon,

The Captain aka Jeccius


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About as much as your cake effort matey lol

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