Tuesday, December 21, 2004

4 Days to Christmas, And I Almost Care.....

4 days left, and the only reason I know that is because I had to check the date on the Desktop I'm using. Christ, it doesn't seem like christmas this year. We've got the decorations up (well, singular and not plural, there's a tree and low amounts of strategically placed tinsell), all the cards out (hey, I'm actually quite popular) and two packets of Twiglets in the cupboard.

We've been so busy buying prezzies, that we aint got anything for us (ie food etc).

Problem I got is that I am in work straight up until Christmas Day, as HR are a bunch of shits. "I know, we can't make them work christmas, so we'll take they're normal days off and fuck about with them. Fuck them, they're only staff." So I've gotta find time tomorrow inbetween shifts to sort this crap out.

There again, I could live in Boscastle. They've had it rough (even if they did win silver in the Olympic Coxless Pairs, two guys in a Post Box) and they've still got it tough. The insurance still hasn't paid any of the residents out yet, as they are trying to work out if it's viable and safe to re-build on the land again. Alot of the residents are still homeless from this flooding from August, and are having to use temporary accomodation for Christmas.

Still though, fuck all to do with me :)

I did buy that Band Aid DVD for someone for Christmas though, and I know she don't look at this site so I can type it. So I've done my bit for charity. Anyways, back to insulting stuff.

I bet that Jimmi feels a right twonk, after the Miranda incident (see yesterday's article). Apparently he's been given indefinate leave from the Street, probably because they can't tell him to learn his lines anymore lol.

Found this; Thomas Scott's Flash Site is a touch of class. Not as in a "teacher's touch of a pupil in detention" kind of touch, but a pleaseant one. Needs sound for all the best stuff though.

Also found a cool Stick Art anim.

Omg, this is quite funny actually. People caught speeding, and here are some of the things people have used as excuses. Classic.

If these guys aren't gay, no-one is. As an example;


Also found Erotic Origami , which has really led me to beleive that people really are bored in this world.

EDIT: just found this, The Insane Cats, which hosts some amazing flash movies, including the entirety of The Two Towers, in matchstick format!

Other Bits 'n' Bobs

David Blunkett found out that after all the hassle with him having a bastard son and being forced out of Parliment, that Kimberley Quinn has been seeing two other blokes as well. The hussy lol. He'll be joining Fathers 4 Justice soon, that'll sort it.

Michael Jackson has had his appeal quashed in the courts, after the Defence tried to say that Michael's a "public target". The judge thought so too, as he said he'd see the paedo in court in 6 weeks time. Well ok, he didn't say paedo, but it was in his voice, you could tell.

Sharon Osbourne may have been kicked out of the next up and coming X-Factor, before it even started, mainly because her and Simon conflict too much. Christ, that was the only reason worth watching the crap to be honest. And I'm not watching Casualty instead, unless the nurses look fit and les off every once in a while. Otherwise I'm not watching that either.

Oh, and in the news, I wrapped my Christmas presents earlier. That was in the paper as well.

A typical wrapped present, before it's returned for cash.

I hope to God everyone's kept the receipts for all the Christmas prezzies. There always seems to be something smashed in them, not everything of course, but just the one present. Just to make the other presents look worthwhile I suppose.


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