Saturday, December 04, 2004

4th December.....and all's crap

Except for me mates Jason and Truds who just had a baby boy this week, big congrats!

Ermm.....that stopped the winging a bit. Only a bit though.

The office Mekon gets another mention; he's by all accounts having pre-emptitive surgery done this week. Bit fucking late for that to be honest, which is what his team members said when they found out. To his face as well, which is absolutely classic.

Saturday morning stuck in work, exactly 3 weeks before Christmas Day as well. Got loads of shopping to do, but by god it don't feel like Christmas. Even the adverts on telly can't be arsed with it; we used to get 1 in 2 adverts mentioning something on the lines of "Buy this for Christmas or it's out the door", but not this year. Christmas TV is currently "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here", or "Celebrity Big Brother In a Greenhouse".

What a bunch of twangulars they got this time (although having Huggy Bear there was a genuinly good choice). Who'd have thought that we'd have a program with Joe Pasquale and Huggy Bear? Doesn't get any better than that. Well, yes it does actually.

Natalie Appleton, or "I'm hunting for publicity Twat" for short.

Taken from the ITV website

Sure I've seen her in a film....

There she is in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

Ant and Dec must've been laughing at her all of the time in this program, I mean she was there for comedy element and by shouting "I touched a tree!" that didn't realy help to build her profile.

Not talking about it anymore, it pains me to think that telly has gone sooooo crap over the last decade. We've gone from having some classic entertainers, to You've Been Framed, and no-one cares. Makes me sick it does.


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