Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Few Days After Christmas...

.....and all's odd. There's this serious business with the tsunami over in the China region, where thousands upon thousands of locals and tourists were killed by the tidal waves caused by the natural disaster. It's been in the news, been in all the papers, you see it mentioned on everything. Yet.......Sian on our team in work still aint heard about it. "Uh?" was her responce. Twange. What, you spend Christmas in a cupboard?

Also, I've not drunk almost near as much as I do every year, and feel worse lol. I actually feel really rough at the moment, and can't stop farting - me and one of the guys are having a bottom-burp contest at present. I'm winning :D

Did hear a funny story of the female members of our team in work, got home one night, and walked in to find her boyfriend having it away with Sister Palm while watching porn on the telly. Now instead of announcing something like "What on earth are you doing?" and just embarrasing him into stopping the filthy deed, she stood there for ten minutes in the background with a total look of shock on her face. After he finished, she announced her presence, and now funnily enough the housework seems to be done for her all the time etc. One thing you shouldn't really do though, is tell the team the next day, as we will take the piss. Classic :D

New Year's Eve is on the way; apparently me sister and her boyfriend are staying over too, which doesn't help me as I'm in work at 8.30am on the saturday. Thankyou work, thanks for everything. I'll have two days off for Christmas, and then work New Year's Eve until 6.30ish, then back in work the next morning. One word from management saying anything negative and I'll chin them, the part time hypocritical bastards.

There wasn't much on the telly in terms of Christmas stuff; most of it was utter crap. The only things keeping it afloat was Little Britain and the news. Practically everything else was dire; I resorted to watching "You've Been Framed" for a bit for fuck's sake. There was one good bit of telly on though, which was a one-off-made-for-ITV movie called "Christmas Lights", starring Robson Green. About two feuding brothers who fall out because one's been promoted above the other. They end up trying to do things better and better than each other, until each other's house looks like Poundstretcher puked on them. Was a funny film, you're typical everthing-works-out-fine-because-it's-christmas type, but still watchable.

Still in work. Bored.

Business is starting to return to normal with us; we're getting people ringing up demanding anything upto the Holy Grail. I keep telling them we're all Jewish and the Grail doesn't exist, but they won't listen. Jews are amazing, either brilliant accountants, or good at manual labour. Ho hum.


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