Thursday, December 02, 2004

Gap in the last few months - oh and got married too

I've been making me own HTML webpage, URL being
Just a collection of crud pics of work colleagues, doctored for our amusement. I did some general pics too on , which are in more relation to than anything else.

Also been trying to find another job......christ that's been unsuccessful. Unless I want to make Big Macs instead of eating them, I've been so far out of luck. I did get married though, which I suppose would have alot of input as to why there's been no real updates. Christ that was a strange experience lol snip! (that's the sound of my wife reading this and twanging me balls off)

We had a bizarre but nice service in the Old Blacksmith's Shoppe in Gretna Green, which if you've ever been there is a small tourist shop (with lots of whisky, god bless them) and a chapel/museum stuck next to it. Due to the distance from Swansea, only 4 of us went (myself, me wife, Best man and me sister) and travelled for 8 hours by car up the M6 to the border. After a brief tour of the place, we found that it basically consisted of a few shops and resteraunts next to it, and the Hazeldene Hotel/Pub which is approx 30 metres down the road from the place. Oh, and a KICK ASS SPAR as well, which made awesome sandwiches as you waited. On Friday September 17th at 3.30pm we got married, but there was a little bit more to it than that. Somehow we were perfectly timed inbetween the rainy season (as in a 6 hour non-rain gap, which was incredible considering that this was hurricane season and we were getting the rain fronts hitting us for 6 weeks of Florida rubble). We had tourists there, which was really odd, as they were taking photos of us getting married. Bizarre old grannies saying congratulations, and I was literally saying "Who the fuck are you?". We also had a guy from work walk past, and see us too, which is just downright bloody odd as I work in Swansea, South Wales, and this was on the Scottish border?!!?!? I can't get away from them, they got spies everywhere. I also stuck the ring on the wrong finger, but I'm not going to mention that :p

But the main thing was, the Wedding(tm) did go well; we had all the photos done before it went to rain, and we all ran to the Hazeldene Hotel in full wedding gear, started drinking and playing pool, which scared the locals a bit, but was a real good laff and all. Me in me kilt and the wife in her full Wedding Dress trying to trick-shot the black was a bit of a laff. Did I not mention that I was in a kilt for the Wedding? 1st excuse I could find to put a skirt on I was in, cmon! Sporrens are equally awesome, as you can see why women have handbags; really roomy etc. I had me wallet, a camera and 2 room keys in mine, plus I had room for a gameboy if the wedding was going pear-shaped too :p

Almost forgot; on the way up, we stopped at some services on the M6 and when we went back to the car, my sister was shouting at the car saying that there was a bird on her seat. So I look in through the back door, and a sparrow is on the floor by her seat, which does a double-take glance at me, then legs it under the drivers seat. So we all wait outside the car with the doors open, while we wait for a sparrow to get it. In almost-monsoon type rain. Thinking "Little bastard". After a minute of it taunting us, it decided to fly out, which didn't help as the rain was through to the skin by then. Git.


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