Saturday, December 25, 2004

It's Christmas Time....

....I can't beleive I'm doing this on Xmas Day. Just as well I'm halfcut :D've forgotten to leave the Turkey out of the Freezer. It's still frozen. Doesn't get any better than this. It's currently 2.45pm, and we've just begun the cooking expedition. Now there is a problem with this; I'm much better at eating the food, over cooking the stuff. I actually take my hat off to my mother on this; it needs almost military precision to get everything done at the same time, and me mum does it in spades. I'm gonna rename her "General Coghlan" from now on.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas, you shower of bastards :D

Has heeeeeeee been? He has in our house, got prezzies and everything. Except..........


I want a recount! Every bloody year since I've been born, I've received socks in the arrangement. But not this year, oh no. I didn't even get a pair of comical "almost cartoon character" socks either (you know, resembles a famous character saying something, except the manufacturers don't pay the licencing fee). I'm gutted.

But I had have plenty of clothes etc, which did make up for it. Plus a few DVDs and the complete scripts to Little Britain (which has new material in it, and is ace), which is great.

I normally by tradition have the unfortunate luck of being given stocking fillers too. Which can range from something decent, to something damn right odd. This year, my filler was a thing called a Booz-o-Meter. You basically have a twirly bit of metal attached to a loud speaker, which if you can't get the bar around while not touching the metal, you get a loud smashing sound. Well, I'd may as well sell the Xbox, and while I'm at it bin Half-Life 2 and my PC, as Booz-o-Meter is here. Thought that counts though lol.

Missed Queens Speech. Was in pub instead. Shame :D

Shut up is it? Most probs the same speech from last year, no-one watches it.


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