Thursday, December 02, 2004

President Fun

The Ukraine are having a bit of a laff recently. All this bother with regards to election rigging with Yanukovych and Yushchenko has had the country in uproar. Now, their supreme court have recently annnouced that they want a re-vote, but to also include other external candidates as well. I think it's funny as feck; it's like an episode of Saved By The Bell. I reckon Screech bungled up the balot boxes, and on the re-vote will be declared President of the Ulkraine.

Don't ask which one's which please

President Screech in all his glory. If he's not in rehab by now then they must have realllllllly watered down the coke.

Every part of the Ulkraine have been against each other; the best one was by far a News Reader doing her job, and in the bottom corner a superimposed sign-reader telling everyone that the News Reader is a fucking lair, and not to believe a word she says lol, right out of a comedy sketch. First time I saw them doing sign language when I was a nipper I thought the woman was fitting on TV...great program this is mam!

I've been very good so far to not mention the Bush Global Domination campaign, which after being re-elected seems to be going back on track as per normal. At this moment they are currently increasing the number of US troops in Iraq to 150,000 (must be true, they said on the BBC website), and 700 hotdog vans. They'll be having they're own football stadium if they send anymore peeps over there.

What they should have done was pull everyone out, and send the A-Team in.

The Al-Queda better run, otherwise they'll get blown up, and miraculously crawl out of the wreckage unharmed with they're hands up.

They'd be perfect for the Gulf War; in every single one of their battle engagements no-one died. You don't get better peace keeping than that. I'd bet if B.A. launched a nuclear missle attack on Iraq, while shouting "I pitty da foo!" there wouldn't be a casualty.


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