Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tis New Years Eve......

......and let's hope the death toll is a bit lower in 2005. Was looking at a few headlines over the last year, and I didn't realise how crap 2004 was. We had the Russian School siege, where over 200 died. The Iraq 2nd Gulf war (which has gone into extra time), loads of casualties there and still rising. Plus we've had lots of hurricanes, and of course the Tsunami in the last week, where the death toll is officially over 125,000. Oh, and I also got married lol. Crap year or what?

So, I'm in work on the last day of the year, and the only danger I got is from a heart-attack due to sitting near a vending machine for the last 4 years. Works sucks, but so does your mother.

Tis hard to think of anything that really stands out this year (except for the wedding, just in case the wife see's this :D) which has made this year actually happen. Apart from the disasters and Big Brother 5, nout much else has happened. Wasn't Big Brother 5 absolutely awful? Even if they finally did what the public wanted, and have a punch-up. Instead of sending in security, they should have sent in a few weapons, just to make the place kick off a bit more. At least it would've been less things for The Sun to print off (page-filling stories on people trying to be famous). Now and OK magazine would've had to have gotten photos of people who have earned they're position of fame, rather than photos of pillocks who entered a popularity contest. I mean, they've had alot of photos of Nadia. Who the fuck wants to know about him / her / it / barbie / ken / whatever?

Yey, got a right muppet on the phone at the mo, talking about trying to get registered. There are a few different classes of person with which we speak to on a daily basis in this job.

1. The Knowledgable Person; may or may not be with attitude, but will ring through specifically for certain information. Will fall into 2 sub-catergories; the first will be someone who will listen to any information provided, even if it contradicts what they initially thought. These tend to be the most pleasent of people. The second, is much worse and far more difficult to deal with. The knowledge for which they possess, is wrong. To try and convice them otherwise, is a tactical battle of wits, which I can't be fucked with. At the end of the day, they rang in for help, not to educate us on our job. Did they call in to get things fixed, or to tell us how to do it? Either way, these tend to be the longest and most stress converting.

2. The Un-Knowledgable Person; someone who thought the Internet would be a laugh, and has very little or no experience whatsoever with computers, or the Internet. Again, two different catergories; the first being pleasent and eager to listen to get the problems solved, and get up and running. The second, really cannot be arsed to listen, and breaks into comments like "I never wouldv'e bought this if I'd knew it would be this hard...", "I'm going from pillar to post" and the all time classic (which will be on my gravestone) "I'm paying for a service I'm not getting here....". As soon as one of these three phrases are uttered, I sigh and open up, and hope it's got something new on it.

3. The Wrong Number; someone who has come through to the Internet Department, who does not need to speak to us, but another section of the company. Now it can either go like "I'll get you passed straight over", or I've got to listen to someone go on for five minutes without breathing while they explain the ENTIRE FUCKING PROBLEM, only for me to say "Sorry, wrong number" with much hilarity.

4. The Cheeky Bastard from A.N.Other Company; someone who is a customer from another Internet Provider for example, who has decided to ring our company in the hope that we can give e-mail details, or connection details, for another company. Much joy is had when saying "No, try ringing them FFS".

5. The Bomb Scare; someone who rings in, leaves a hollow threat that there's a bomb in our building, then we stand out in the car park for two hours while the Police and Bomb Disposal search our premesis. Great fun :D

Plus, there's the genuine thick, foreigners who can't speak or understand Engrish, and the prank phone calls too which we contend with. I need a new job.


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