Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ugly Dogs And Stupid Blogs

Had to post this for the sheer hell of it

What a gurner on that dog, imagine that in Crufts. He looks like the plant out of "Little Shop Of Horrors". Ugly bastard.

Oh my god. Have you tried the option on the top-right hand corner of this webpage, called "Next Blog"? If you haven't before, click the button and stand back a bit at some of the other nuts.

Here's a few I've found so far;

http://blograyan.blogspot.com/ - ugh?

http://wrinkledmind.blogspot.com/ - nung?

http://einarogeva.blogspot.com/ - Ugliest kid award here, but definate MILFage at the same time.

http://somersaulter.blogspot.com/ - Bridget Jones. Fuck off.

There was hell of alot of other posts in Arabic, which funnily enough didn't mean feck all to me, except that it looked like an imported bottle of Coca Cola label. Some disgrunted peeps out there though....ooooooohhhhh. There are also some complete arseholes too, which gives me something to do in work for the next few hours (as I insult them lol).

Edit - just been sent a link from Alexa, admin of the http://www.nyhotties.com website. Apparently they setup a Blogger carnival where all Bloggers meet up and show off the goods. Many thanks for the link.


Blogger Beerli said...

Indeed, I did try the Next Blog option one night and fell across your blog. I had a good read and laughed lots. I even put a link on my own blog so I could come and read once in a while. How's that dog? Is it for real??

4:07 AM  
Blogger John Coghlan said...

That dog was from sources unknown actually....the original piccy from where I found it was posted on http://www.b3ta.com . I cut it's head off and stuck it on another dog with a sweat shirt. The original piccy is at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jeccysden/junk/gurner.JPG and made me laff loads :)
The dog does resemble a bad guy from Super Mario Bros though.

12:35 AM  

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