Monday, December 20, 2004

Well well well.....

Life's a bitch and then you find one in the News of the World.

News Of The World article

This is fecking classic; a known actor who has been the centre of a major storyline in on one of the U.K.'s biggest soap operas, taking drugs and sleeping of our Ex-Managers Miranda "The Village Bike" Lipinski lmfao!!!!!

2 weeks on the trot and I've known someone from me paper, amazing. Last week it was the guy who was in the same year as us for 5 years, then turned out to be a woman (still laffing at her misfortune lol) , and now this week Miranda (who used to be the works darts champion - more pricks than a second hand dartboard) has had an affair with Jimmi Harkishin from Coronation Street. The article is taken completely from her perspective, and looks like she set him up for the sex. I'm not saying it was her choice that they ended up doing cocaine, as he stuck it up his own nose and sniffed his brains out himself. But it seems sooooooooo damn conveiniant that there's a hidden camera lined up perfectly to take the photos of him sniffing it. Oh my god, have you read this crap?!?!?!? "But I got worried when they started talking about threesomes and I made it clear I wasn't into that kind of scene." BOLLOCKS!!!!!! Unless of course she was on about she's normally into at least 8 or 9. You she, Miranda is a dirty slag, and I say that as an identifying speech, rather than an insult. She's had sex with other members of staff in my workplace, including one of me mates, which I won't say his name as James is a bit shy. A few years back I went on another friends Engagement Night out, and we were also with a group of lesbian friends. We ended up at a gay club in Swansea called the H2O Club in the Marina (I'm not homophobic by the way, each person to themselves, as long as they don't enforce their opinion on others) . While in there, who should run past but Miranda dragging a girl into the toilets while having fun, so to speak. She's been known to get involved in various sex acts, which before we had heard of but not witnessed. But as the saying goes "If you chuck enough shit some sticks", and we'd seen enough shit to know that this is true. Her husband must be reeling.

Oh my god, I forgot to tell you, she's married lmao! Stuart Lipinski; there's a man with a nervous disposition. And who could blame him? Every time his back is turned, she's off screwing something or someone else, and now is making money from it too. Stuart was another manager with us around the time where she worked here, and she was seeing him for a while. Even in work, if any bloke went to ask her something trivial to do with work, he'd leggit over to her and try to butt into the conversation. I'd say it was bordering on pathetic, but it was well past that lol. He almost started a fight at one of the Staff Do's because my manager at the time (a legendry drinker by the name of Neil Harris, great bloke) made a few sex jokes while standing within 10 yards of Miranda. These jokes were being told to me and a mate, and we weren't even looking at "her highness" either. Stuart walks upto Neil and accuses him of taking the piss out of his wife and asks him to step outside. Now Stuart is a big bloke, but Neil's bigger. You don't accuse a 6 foot 5 ex doorman of something that he hasn't done, because that would just be a bit suicidal. Thankfully we managed to convince Neil to go home, as he would've ended up killing either Stuart, or some other poor bastard instead.

To the best of my knowledge, Stuart is still married to her, as she still holds his married name in the News of the World article. No offence, no matter how pretty she is, the first time she slept with someone else would've been the last, and her ass would've have hit the pavement outside quicker than her suitcases.

No matter how pretty she is, she's still a cock whore

Edit: just found out that Stuart's finally plucked up the balls and split up with the dirty little trollop. Maybe he's turned into Michael Douglas from Falling Down.

Also just found this;

Grab A Grand Homepage

It's the show Miranda's working on at present, I mean ffs. It's the tits channel all over again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No big shock this one, Anyone is south Wales knows Miranda. I remember way back when she met Stuart in a call center in Newport she was a slut then, she was 'seeing' one guy, then in one night went with Stuart, someone else, and I waiter they say, at the celtic manor at Xmas.
No big shock to see her on Strip Poker Last year, tho it does appear she has had some work done, no way did she used to be that busty! she still has the 'john wayne' walk tho...

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As if any of you shitheads who talk this crap about Miranda even really know her or Stuart! Fine you may have worked with her, does that suddenly make you experts on her life? Seeing her at a gay bar don't prove anything, she was probably there 4 the same reason as you..fuck knows what that was! What amuses me is that you don't have anything better 2 do with your life than sit at your pc and make up bullshit about miranda...GET A FUCKING LIFE!

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was funny, does pot, kettle and black mean anything to ya??
I do know both Miranda and Stuart (And a few of her Ex's and some of her freinds)
Who ever said anything about being experts on her life? just made a comment on events, anyone who knows her, knows she is a very free spirit, that is her choice, defending her and name calling others does not change her past, lets face it, anyone who sends nude photo's of herself to someone to try and seduce them in work says a lot about them really I'd say....
anyway who ever mentioned a gay bar? sounds like you have a few problems of your own to sort out there, best you go and have a little lie down, as it appears you need the life you so desperatly tell others to get ;)

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone ever thought about what Stuart must think about all this shit flying around the internet about him and his missus? Don't forget she's got a kid and Stuart opted to look after/provide for them both when they got married. I agree that I'd have kicked her out after the first time I found her puttin' it about, but maybe it comes into the "I'll give her another chance" scenario?
Anyway what's happened has happened and nothing can change the past. I reckon he ought to get a divorce ASAP and get on with his life.

There are plenty of birds out there.
As for the hidden camera and Corrie star - bloody good move on her part - money must be made from the News of The World. (Should have tried blackmail and made more!! lol) I must look out for the John Wayne walk when I see her arse going past!!!

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know Miranda or Stuart but ya can't blame her for putting herself about if just to stoke up her pension fund!!

In years to come when we've all thrown in the towel and start drawing our measly pensions from this robbin' bloody government - she'll be lording it up with all the cash she's made from this caper and all the cash she's gonna make from futute capers probably. Bloody good luck to her I say and wot the fuck has it got to do wiv anyone else???? The fact that she's a slag and uses anyone to get wot she wants won't matter a jot when she's languishing in the South of France or somewhere and we're here freezing our bollocks off in front of a 2-bar electric fire eating beans on toast wishing we'd thought of it first!!!!

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

theres a host of stuff about M.....I'm just waitin till the right time to spill it....

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spill it then. Wot U savin it up for?

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's back in the news...

1:42 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS! Found out, Miranda has moved, AGAIN! And has 2 children! One half black! Aswell as the other one, whos gone to a GRAMMAR school! Moving along fast, eh?

5:51 PM  
Anonymous LucindaLipinski said...

My mum, isn't a slag...... so stop being such shitheads!

5:52 PM  
Blogger queens20000 said...

i heard about this women she had a cocaine fulled romp with that corrie actor that asian guy what is she doing know

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This made me p*** myself laughing. You guys are pathetic that put people down. I bet she's having a whale of a time, sounds like she is living life to the full! I wonder if you could say the same? I wonder if you're still living in Swansea, weighing far too many extra stones and counting your pennies while your life revolves around what's going on in everyone else's?!

Anyway it's true the more you talk them more fame and attention you give. I wish her luck and you guys a more interesting life of your own!

3:17 PM  
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