Thursday, December 16, 2004

The World is Starting to Watch....

Blimey. After making that last post regarding the Ugly Dogs and Stupid Blogs I have come to realise that I am not alone in the Land of Jeccius. After myself discovering the joys of random Blogging, other users have been doing so for some time, in fact well before I started this site for starters. In fact, I have been contacted by two of these Blogger Hoppers, both were yesterday as well. Firstly, big mention to Alexa whom runs a website called which run a Blog Carnival, where everyone with they're own Blogs can meet up and share links. Quite a good idea, cuts out the randomness of Blogs and cuts to the best available (or found so far). Cheers for ze e-mail and the link honey!

Also Beerli, what's your Blog? I'll link it as well for good luck :)

Also, I found a webcam in a cat;

And I also found this, which just goes to show that the Google Image search is awesome :D

Literally went to Image Search and typed in "cockeyed". I love the internet I do :D

I also found this quite by accident; The Hamstery. How scary is this site?

In other news, David Blunkett was forced to resign from the position of Home Secretary due to his dealings with the mother of his child. Tony Blair asked for security to show him the door, which is apparently what he says to them every time Blunkett visits No. 10. Blind git lol.

Oh my GOD!!!!! Look what I just found;

Worst idea on November 5th - This is shocking! What a fucking loon.


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