Thursday, December 16, 2004

Xmas Almost Here

Check this out;

B3ta Question of the Week

Some classic responces already on this; was only posted this afternoon :D

Today has been a nightmare; I've worked this morning, finished at 12.15, been in "the mall" for 3 hours, spent triple figures on Xmas prezzies; got home with them, hid the lot then went straight to work.

I'm tired and highly irritable.

Basically, due to my split shift rota, I've got 4 hours off a day, then am back in later in the day. This works out that I'm in twice a day all week except for 1 random shift and saturday afternoon. I get sundays off as part of the setup. Only probs being that I am in all of next week, except for saturday and sunday. Meaning that I'm in until this saturday morning, having saturday night and sunday off, then I'm in right up until Xmas bloody Eve. 2 fecking days off and I'm back in on the monday... am not happy. What's doubly more fecking annoying is that I've recently been suffering from Dermetographic Urticaria - an allergic reaction to an unknown substance, which makes your body produce hell of alot more Hystamene than it's meant to, and sometimes develop into "hives". Hives are thick white lines that appear if the skin has been scratched or protruded by any implement. Quick translation equals if you scratch my arm, a thick white line of Hystmene will build up under the scratch and will cause a white lump to appear. Which burns like hell. I'm on anti-hystemenes which are stemming it, but only marginally. The doctor, although he'd never personally seen it before, did find it in a book and identify the allergic reaction. One funny thing did happen though; the Doc got me to lower the shirt on my arm, and scraped his pen with a cross shape on my upper arm. After a minute, it turned red-raw and became very itchy. So, we sat down for 5 minutes talking about it, and another Doc walked in asking for advice. My Doc turns arounds, says "Forget about that, have a look at this!" and yanks my shirt down to the other Doc, to reveal that I've got a white unholy cross growing out of my arm. The look on this new Doc's face was a picture, and probably didn't help that I turned to him at that point and say "Behelzebub lives in all of us" in a real deep voice, while glazing my eyes over. It was only when my Doc started laughing that the other let out his breath though, I swear to god lol.

I swear to god this isn't me, but someone I found on t'internet

The reason why I'm telling you all this is not because I'm after sympathy in any way, no sir...... it's just that it makes me highly strung! And in my job, patience is not just a virtue, it's a way of life! I've explained to my management that I'm not 100%, but because my holidays have been used (getting married, couldn't really do that in work) I've got to work all the way through it. This means that in my job I get to speak to all the annoyed peeps who can't get they're computers or internet working before Xmas, but more often or not it's something completely different. It basically fucking infuriates me as to how some people can consider buying a lavish internet connection, when they can't operate a fucking microwave, let alone Windows. Recently our beloved Sales Department have run out of likely candidates to sell the internet to, so they've targeted alot of OAP's. We regularly get calls from grannies trying to e-mail the rest of the family, who've moved to somewhere abroad, eg Austrailia. Now no offence, but why did the rest of the family flee the country, and you ended up staying in the U.K. ? I'll give you a clue; they don't want you there for Xmas my dear, let alone the rest of the year. The last thing they want is you nagging them all the time, and the Internet is the perfect medium for you to be spamming le fuck out of your Daughter-in-Law with tips on cooking. I bet she'll fucking adore you for that love. Now take a hint, stick to the once-a-six-month letter and stop fucking ringing us!

Funniest call though, was someone ringing up the Dialup Support Line and asking if she could have the Tyson fight on. Wouldn't have been as funny if it wasn't for the fact that she sounded 90. Images of a granny bouncing up and down on a sofa screaming "Kill him!!!!! Kill hiiiiimmmm" at the TV often cheer me up in moments of despair.


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