Monday, June 07, 2004

Reagan Kicks the Bucket

Here he is in a rare happy moment, watching WWE RAW. Go on Benoit!

The sad news of ex US President Ronald Reagan finnaly losing his struggle against Alzheimer's Disease is one which the USA are taking very seriously. Poor git didn't even know that he was President at some point, or for that matter, a very funny Spitting Image puppet either. Click here for news article if you actually care. If you don't click here, I won't complain.

I take it you've all heard of Venus's transit? Here's a quote from the BBC's science website (I kid you not), this is right on the top of the page;


Venus passes across the face of the Sun on Tuesday 8 June 2004
The last transit of Venus was in 1882 - so no one alive has seen this rare event

No shit! Not even the Queen Mum saw it then, and she was over a 100, and made out of spare parts lol! It's like saying that no-one alive saw the Battle of Hastings.

She's stuffed and kept in an attic - the old battle-axe. She didn't see the last transit of Venus either. Well done the BBC!

The Queen Mum, or Yoda as some of her more adoring public called her (other than "old twat").

God, like twins seperated at birth

Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Weekend After

Gurgle....Monday morning work. Feck. Jen won that Hell's Kitchen, which is much better than Matt Goss winning it. Fair doos, she actually did look like she belonged there (as far as I can remember), so I'm not bitter about the result. At thesame time, wasn't that complete gimp lesbo woman Kitten voted off Big Brother 5?

Oh god, she's been let out to mingle with the public, fecking freak

She's a bit scary, aint she? By all accounts, she had to appear in court during the time that she was on the show, most probs for crimes against humanity lol. As quoted from the Big Brother Website ;

Day 8 - The serial protester stages a roof top protest to demand more food and alcohol from Big Brother. In stark contrast to Kitten's first trip onto the roof, the housemates were lukewarm in their reactions. What a difference a week makes.

So, after breaking all but one of the House rules that could be broken, Kitten is off. So'll be missed...

Yup, she'll be a dose of Aids.

OMG, b3ta has started a topic on old kids programs ...really funny.

Also, started playing Archknight , but only works if you're a fully registered Guardian with Adventure Quest , which is good for me as I am. Heh heh heh, a curse to you unbeleivers. Archknight is very very nice, and a great example of showing what could be done on a webpage, if you put enough effort and resources into it.

All I gotta work out now, is what to do since Hell's Kitchen is finished......

PS Also found out that me car was only £120 to fix, and not £160, meaning £40 left for porn, awesome :)

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