Tuesday, January 11, 2005

1 Day Left Before Lay-in Heaven....

.....and I cannae wait as well. No time off since before Christmas, and I've become more cranky than Big Cranky, from the Crankies. I can't wait for the time off, as work cannot spring more surprises on me (for example I for some unexplained reason am working half an hour earlier). Why do they spring these surprises on us? Is it to keep work varied, or to accomondate staff who are off on holidays already? Or is it because they play with themselves at night? Who knows?

B3ta have got a good question on this week, Pure Ignorance . People who've said the stupidest of things, very funny actually. I especially liked the chemist one; "Working in a pharmacy....I once got a phone call from a worried mother who had found some tablets in her daughters room, and she wanted me to help identify them. I asked her about the markings and shape etc. 'Well, quite small and white' she said. I asked her if they had anything wrote on the side of the tablet 'treebor' she said. Problem solved, treebor mighty mints d'oh"

So, just what am I going to do over the next week? Apart from waking up at at least a pm, there's one job in my flat, which I'm almost worried about, which is the TIDYING OF THE DVD CUPBOARD. We have a cupboard, where if something doesn't belong elsewhere, it's dumped here. Due to the amount of stuff placed there though, the cupboard has started to take on it's own personality, almost taunting me with it's evil eyes, laughing in the shadows of despair. Ahem. Needs to be tidied. That also gives me an excuse to catch up on half the DVD's I had for Christmas too, like Bill Bailey's Part Troll. I watched half of that yesterday, was laughing like hell at some of the crap he comes out with. The Argos bit is awesome :) I also watched that Chronicles Of Riddick yesterday. Was ok, but was not Pitch Black whatsoever. Action cash-in with a cool main character from a different type of film. Now what can we do with this Riddick bloke? I know, a futuristic version of Conan the Barbarian, while keeping him a bit evil too. That did annoy me a bit. I've heard Hollywood is getting Keyser Soze to do "Cats; the Musical" next. Bunch of twunts.

Still the game kept alot of the feel of the original Pitch Black (if you don't know what I'm on about, check out The Chronicles Of Riddick, and apart from having Vin Diesel doing the voice over, is one of the most non-merciless games you'll ever see. I got that to play this week too GRINS.

Cash-ins tend to mainly happen in games, but have been happening in alot of films recently. When the games market started picking up, alot of companies realised that any TV or film success can be mirrored in a game, regardless of if it was worth the price or not. The most famous of these flop excuse for games was E.T. on the Atari, where the game was so bad that Atari recalled most of the cartridges and buried them in a desert (I kid you not, that is 100% fact). Since Rambo and Commando (christ, that's going back a bit), it seems that the only games which seem worth mentioning are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and most things Simpsons related (and that's only 2 out the 100's made of Simpsons games). They've always been rubbish. The main reason that the Riddick game works so well, is because they were given the character, and freedom to place him in an unboundaried environment (I mean the Prison called Butcher Bay is only mentioned twice in both Riddick films ffs, you can't say fairer than that). They could create the game which would solely get the best out of the character, and it works very well.

Now films are starting to do the same thing. We've seen film-from-game tie-ins, like Final Fantasy and Mortal Kombat. Which are god awful. The Tomb Raider films are really bad, even the brilliant Chris Barrie can't save it. And as for Street Fighter....god, don't get me started. Fecking travesty.

What a box of cock.

But....when they are made Manga style, they all seem to retain their genius. They are hailed as great films. As an example, I own Street Fighter the Animated Movie, and that is far better than the Van Damme/Kylie combo. I suppose it could be that we, as gamers, are so used to relating to those characters in their original state (ie cartoony with their own look and agenda), that we see some guy who has the strongest Belgium accent playing the part of an American G.I.? It's no wonder that it tends to pish on me chips a bit. They may as well got Tintin to play him ffs. Still, no excuse, as a film it stank bigtime, and for shame on those hated script writers. I suppose the only thing I can say is, make sure you got a script that will work (not one that looks like the game), and people which we don't hate acting it out, and the fans may actually relate to it, you never know :)

Anyways.....I'm still off for a week though. And I've gotta watch my DVD of Street Fighter seven times before I can go back to work, just as an anaestetic for coming back into work if anything else. The NHS should use this DVD, they'd save a fortune in the next budget.

On a seperate topic, just registered on Blogclicker earlier, got a new link on the right-hand side for it too, assigns alot of extra traffic to the site, for the price of browsing other user's accounts. Horray for everything! Like.


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