Thursday, January 20, 2005

Back in work....

...and I'm not too bad. Looks like since I've been off work has tried to make some changes, which will make work a bit more interesting for us. Hurrah! (for once)

What a strange week I've had. Some real odd things happen, here's one for for starters;

Every Wednesday night our flat tennants place their rubbish outside our downstairs flat window. This is mainly because we are in the front room downstairs, right next to the main road, so we don't have a problem with it. Last night, we did have about 10-15 bags of rubbish there, which were all properly wrapped and sealed up. At 7pm, a delivery van for a very well known UK supermarket pulled up outside our flat, and dumped 10 bags of rubbish outside our flat, then feck off. I'm not going to say which store, but it's definately not Safeways, Sainsburys, Leo's, the Co-op, Spar, Kwik-Save, Lidl or Asda. The bags they used were of their store's too. So I rung them. In fairness, they did try to help, even though they said they'd ring me back this morning, and never did. Gits.

Change of pace.....

Here's a fat kid getting electrocuted

I also heard from one of the locals from our pub, that she paid £90 to visit a hypnotist to help her quit smoking. I'm assuming that the help was to make her skint so that she couldn't afford the cigarettes, let alone resist the urge to light up. The thing about this though was that she was smoking while telling us about it. Must've worked :D

Also on Sunday we had our pool match; a home fixture at our local. I had a bit of a rough day, so I basically started getting slaughtered about an hour before our pool match. We literally had to drag in extras from the pub to play, as we were short of players until just before the match. Yet somehow we still won 8-0. How? Feck knows. Complaining? Hell no, I was pished and still won in the singles and the doubles. Cmon!

One other thing worth mentioning. Tuesday night, I was meant to be going to my mate's 40th birthday bash. That didn't happen. Instead, at 6pm I'm waiting in the flat for the missus to come back from work with my car, so we could get ready to go. Instead, I get a phonecall saying that she's stuck outside work and the car won't start. So I walk to her workplace, and it was bloody cold. Had to walk about 1 'n'1/2 miles uphill in sub-zero temperatures to get to the car, which I started in 30 seconds of sitting in it. We got back to the flat, and pretty much went to bed coughing and wheezing after that. Christ.

Still though, there are some strange bloggers out there.

Has issues.

Also, I do believe this guy's comments about customer services in general are spot on. So do many others. Well done :p

Almost forgot.....

Just Up Your Street!

Watched this last night; it's like a pish poor version of Pop Idol, and twice as local to us. Last night, they aired the heat for the finalists from the Swansea auditions. One of the finalists, Christian Rae, used to work in a nightclub in Swansea, and used to serve us alot of drink. Nice enough bloke actually, almost bordering on gay though.


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