Sunday, January 30, 2005

Fun on Sundays :)

On Sunday morning, completely hung over from a Dr Pepper/vodka drinking binge until 2am last night, and am typing this up from my mother's house lol. Aye, I call up there to visit them, and end up using their internet to write a blog. No hope, isn't there?

I suppose I'd better type something while I'm here.....

Watched half of Meet the Fockers yesterday...funny that :D

Diets have been a fairly big topic around us for the last few days. I'm meant to be going on a diet, som's the wife, so's me dad, my sister will most probs get on the band wagon, and so is one of me mates, who has lost ALOT of weight. He used to be really large, but in the last 6 months he's lost so much weight, that his waist is down to a 36, which is smaller than mine. He's a taller blokey though, and since school has always been a bit on the large side. Ohhhhh, if only I were gay slurp :D

Anyhows, enough bollox, I'll type proper tomorrow :D


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