Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Apart from Blogger still dropping my links etc, Happy New Year! Blimey, 2004 is gone, which still doesn't make sense. Was gone before we realised it was there. It definately does not feel like 2005 though, even though it is obviously.

So to celebrate this momentious occasion, I'm celebrating with a packet of Roast Chicken crisps (Walkers mind, none of that cheap tat) and a bottle of Oasis Citrus Punch. Needs a tad bit of vodka to be honest, but oh well.

Yey.....sitting in work. Two people have taken a call out of twenty so far. We've been open an hour lol. I'm on the backside of an odd work rota issue which occured to me yesterday, which was primarily a cock-up by my management, trying to offer me something I couldn't work, then half-way through it saying that I was to come in later, and work the time that I was actually working at that point. Again. Funnily enough that didn't happen after I went on a swearing fit. I'm waiting on a future conversation with me manager on that one (should be fun). This is the kind of shit we all need on New Years Eve, just to put the last year into perspective. Twunts.

Well, what did I do on New Years Eve then? I went down the local with me wife and some friends. We drank, laughed at bad kareoke and lost money on a fruit machine until midnight, where everyone went outside into the middle of a road for the midnight chimes. Was a bit of a laff at some points, but how bad is this? One of the guys who was drinking with us was there with his Thailand wife. A random drunk walks up to us, points at the Thai girl and pronouces "Didn't you all drown the other day?", then stumbles off into the corner. Awkard expressions all around.

Still though, we're actually starting to take calls now.......... haven't people heard of hangovers? Why can't they leave us, or even better, send us Anadin?

To reduce my boredom, I've drawn a picture of a hamster, in a spacesuit.

Am still bored though. God damn. So, to cheer me up, I'm looking up Hamster on image-search in Google. I've found this, this and this (what the fuck is the last one???) so far. Yey.


Blogger Beerli said...

You've gone green. oh, dear, I can hardly write cos I'm laughing so much. Go for it , just go for it! Oh are one very funny man.

5:27 PM  

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