Monday, January 31, 2005

Hooray for Headcolds

...but first;

Classic :D

Blimey. Last night, we had our Sunday league pool match, and lost 7-1 to a cracking team. As well as me being the only one to get the point for our side, we all felt rough to a certain degree regardless. Me more so, as when I got home and layed down, my nose and throat almost immediately filled up, and due to not being able to breathe, I've had 1 hour sleep. Am not actually that tired, which is a bit surprising, but my eyes are burning, and I sounds like I've been snorting glue for a month. Bumper fun :)

Watched the Exorcist again the other night, god that film makes me laugh. It's even funnier when you watch it while drinking Dr Pepper and Vodka :D. The famous "Feck me Jesus feck me" scene turns into a source of endless amusement. Still though, in the 70's it would have been some pretty strong shit watching this, they never had good horror films like "Nightmare on Elm Street (1st one)", anything with Arnie in it or "Legally Blonde". Psycho was the only thing really cutting it close, hence the duck piccy above :D

Speaking of 70's-80's horror stuff, whatever happened to "Tales of the Unexpected"? Oh aye, forgot, Roald Dahl died :). That was a collection of misery, and stupid short stories made to film, all of which contained some kind of twist, which you mostly saw coming from a mile off, even if you were seven years old like I was at the time. I always remember that crap jingle music at the beginning, what with the crap naked dancer silhoutte on the red background. Fecking arse it was :D

The silhoutte girl at the start was the closest the dads got to soft porn in the 80's

Link of the Day;
Flirt in a Skirt Charity Day
Any blogger out there who see's this link, click on there and post one comment. For every comment posted on her site today, she will personally donate one dollar to the tsunami relief fund god bless her. I am also the 1st person to currently post a comment on there too, god bless me :D

EDIT: also, if you're a Little Britain fan click on this and tell me it's not Vicky Pollard (NSFW).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Came across your website by accident and after reading it for 5 mins I wanted to batter your head in with a house brick.


Chad Rutger

1:23 PM  
Blogger John Coghlan said...

Now it's comments like that that make me want to type more :D

12:56 AM  

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