Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I Hate The Flu

Which I've currently got. I feel like I'm absolutely burnt out. I'm sitting here in the flat with it, as yesterday afternoon, it pounced on me and I woke up at 4.15 wondering what the feck is going on. I rang into work, which decided to mark me as UUA, as I was to contact them within an hour before the start of my shift, and not 45 minutes before (they need a full hour, to dial my manager's number and say "he's not in, ill", they can't do that in 45 minutes). So I'm in the house with Max Strength Lemsip tablets, regretting life etc.

Went down the Doc's earlier. As well as waiting 75 minutes to be seen (hooray for the NHS) I also learnt that as well as having the flu with Dermititis, I also have a Frozen Left shoulder. Due to typing too much, obviously, not the w word at all to blame for this issue :p Great trap this is; people who say they don't wank do it on fag breaks as well, as saying they don't is 110% proof that they are the biggest wankers that you ever met, even if they are women. Anyway, whatever caused it is regardless(I don't wank, honest guv), but the damn aching in me shoulder is making it harder to type. And the light is making my eyes sting as well. And me nose is blocked. Hate the flu. So, I've been struck off work until Friday to sort myself out, and spend some quality time in bed. Or writing this blog. I've slept more hours than cats in the last two days, and they sleep two thirds of the time (that's 32 out of the last 48 hours for the thick twunts out there).

I've still managed to find some interesting crap on the net though, to keep the regulars amused. For example, Survivor is a game based on actual disasters which pits the player in dealing with helping out at Ground Zero. This game is an actual console title, which is out soon on PS2. What draws my attention to this, is that when it was in development, they actually made a September 11th level, dealing with the Twin Towers. Sick bastards. Thousands of people die in one of the most horrific terrorist attacks ever, and people try to make money off it by making a game. There again, there's been so many war games, that we can't really criticize this title as much as we first would have imagined. As an example, Medal Of Honor is a very highly critically acclaimed World War 2 game, which I myself have played through to the finish and enjoyed too. The fact that alot of the German army were kids, and alot of the service men were told to fight or get killed by your neighbour was irrelivant however. They're all bad guys, kill them all, hurrah! Great game. I suppose no-one deserved the Sept 11th at all, but there again no-one deserved the 2nd World War either. There are daft arguments either side, and there's always some twunt who will try to argue it. Me personally, Sept 11th was only a few years back, wait until everyone has accepted what happened there, before prodding it with a money grabbing stick you sick bunch of grave-robbing bastards.


Fancy trying to cure a sheep who thinks he's a dog? Click here. This is a completely fecked up version of Animal Hospital if I ever saw one.

What is it about pet clothing websites that make me want to laugh?

Poor git, bet he feels a right ponce

Will type more when I can be arsed. Hate the flu.


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