Monday, January 03, 2005

News Just In.....

...the Al Queda have run out of people to train in the war, so they're sending in the dogs.

HANGOVER!!!!!! What a long weekend. After finishing work saturday at 12.15pm, I drove home and found that the wife, me sister and her boyfriend were still waking up from the previous night out. Yey, me flat is a holiday home for wine-drinking tramps, plus guests lol. To help them wake up from the New Year's Eve slumber, they decided to watch the Band Aid tribute DVD (which I bought the wife for Christmas, four disc ten hour mega edition). We got 3 hours into it, then lost the will to live. Me sister and Neal legged it about an hour in, which I don't blame them whatsoever. Admittedly, there was a beer waiting for me when I got in, which wasn't that bad at all.

So, once settled in, and after cleaning up the mess, we were well settled down for an early night in, when we get a phonecall requesting our assistance to be in the local for a swift drink. We'd decided to just have the one and then go home. I got in at 3am. Urrrrggghhhh. What a laugh though. I'd never heard kareoke as bad as that night; it was another level of badness. There was this married couple and two friends, which included an over-excited Englishman in they're company. He was a complete twunt, as stated by his wife's sister lol. I kind of worked that out, when instead of getting up to sing a song, he gave a two minute "joking speech" about his wife and the Welsh. Then he sang a Tom Jones song. As in "Tom Jones - Welsh Sexual Superhero" Ton Jones for fuck's sake. Bloody awfully too I will add. His wife was not impressed, there were no underwear being thrown at him either. Just as well really, considering the local clientel who were there that night. Did not want to see skids flying in that direction if you know what I mean, the place smelt bad beforehand lol.

Yey for work! After allegedly sorting out me rota probs from last week (still work in progress, but looking good), they've stuck me on answering e-mails, which is infinitely more enjoyable. We receive thousands of e-mails a day, most of which are pure junk. And if our junk filters miss the mail, we've gotta sort out and answer the rest. Here are some which we get;

"Enlarge Your Pen1s With Just 2 Treatments" - this has become a benchmark spam, alongside the Viagra and medical supplies stuff. Just your typical delete.

"Do you want to buy a watch? Click here" - or maybe not. I'd rather go to Argos or something sorry. Delete.

this is an update to inform you about your m o rtga g e a p p roval. April Bruce called from our bank yesterdayto update your situation. Our company will apprve you for 3.45 butwe need some information.
Please fill this form:http://www.
We will take kare of the rest.
Thanks for your time
Lupe" - I've left the spelling mistakes in. Don't click the link, or I will go around your house and beat you. Delete.

"This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:" - Delete. (You're noticing a theme here).

"Kristin. Afterwards.consience5.abide" - Eh? Delete.

"I need my password, because I can't download my e-mails." - Now this is classic, but I'm not really going to answer this. Main reason being for 2 things;

Subsection 1 - The Data Protection Act prohibits us from sending out sensitive account information other that directly to the account holder, and the account holder only (unless we are notified of an allowed 3rd party by the account holder). To send these details out by e-mail would be deemed unsafe, thus is not an option.

Subsection 2 - You need your password to access your e-mails, which is what you've asked me to send you, via e-mail? How stupid are you? It's like going to a bank cashpoint and demanding to know what your PIN number is. It aint going to work. Ever. (NB If the account holder has a different e-mail address, then it simply falls into Subsection 1 of my whinge).

Bollocks. Back on calls again. Oh well, tis my job I suppose :p

My Gamecube's never been so busy

Bought this for me Gamecube the other day. Good game, but the storyline is well out of whack. All to do with semi-fake religion, and two planets fighting for the same power source. I may as well be watching Eastenders, got no idea what's going on on that either. Only difference being that with the Eastend crew I couldn't give a monkeys what's going on on that, I would be happy of there was a Great Walford fire, and killed off most of the cast. Then hired half of the Tweenies crew on there instead. Back to the game though; it's one of the only games that has a story that grows up as you play it. When you start, you are given these rules which the population abide by (things like angels, the 2nd coming of Martel and things like Devilseeds) , and as you get further in the actual cast start questioning everything in a very intelligent and totally relateable way. Kept me busy. Until I finish it and sell the bastard on lol. About time something like this has come out, instead of another fecking Monkey Ball or Mario game. Oh well.

EDIT: I got home from work earlier, found this waiting for me. You'll need something like Quicktime or Real Media Player to watch it, as it was downloaded from me mobile straight after I saw it. Will speak about tomorrow.


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