Saturday, January 22, 2005

Racist Ron's Been At It Again.... this Sun article.

Me and a couple of lads in work have been discussing basic joke racism in conjunction to this article. I've personally thought that there is two main versions of racism;

1 - People who hate other cultures. This is the one which most people understand, and when implemented is dealt with most harshly (which it should be, unless there is an actual legitimate reason for this source of hate, which would have to be a bloody good reason).

2 - People who see racism at every quirk or sentence which they hear. For example, if you said something about a group of coloured people handing out leaflets like "I've never like them", someone will interpret this you hating coloured people, rather than people who hate peeps who give out leaflets, as the leaflets tend to be about something crud most of the time. Stupid leaflet givers.

The most serious of the two is the first one obviously; hate-crimes are not required whatsoever due to pathetic discriminations, let alone now in the 21st Century. But the second point is something which, when tied in with political correctness, can be just downright picky. The article above was a drunk ex-football pundit Ron Atkinson telling a joke in a party. A bit daft, yeah he had a dig at the Chinese, but it doesn't mean that he hates every single Chinese person on the planet. It means he said something a bit funny, but slightly bad if you were Chinese that's all. He doesn't personally hate them all. Admittedly if I was him I wouldn't go for a Chinese for the next few months, if only to avoid spit sauce from the compares. If he wasn't famous though, reporters wouldn't have battered an eye-lid at the joke, and most probably laughed themselves.

Another example which was a few months back, was that someone tried to change the names of primary and secondary hard drives etc, because using the terms "Primary and Slave drives" was deemed dis-tasteful by some old politician. Who the feck cares mate, before you knew what they were called you were still browsing porn.

Alot of people seem to hunt for things to argue about, even when after looking at the whole picture of life, does it make any kind of difference whatsoever? There are people who believethat they need to defend they're beliefs so hard, that any negative comment is a racist attack towards themselves, even if it makes them look like idiots. The Al Queda are a classic example; the west have been against terrorism for sometime, and has played to some political extent in the region for years. The Al Queda famously lashed out to the extreme, killing so many innocent people, then making claims that the west racistly oppresses them. In the eyes of the world however, we see them being racist to the west for this cowardly action. Attacking innocent people in the Sept 11th doesn't mean that we'll all go "Oh yeah, those poor Iraq's got a point." If anything, it will incite more racism to the people who don't understand that it wasn't the full Iraq people who attacked the USA, but just a hand full of terrorists who had lashed out on "religious beliefs". We had problems in the UK after this, as alot of people were basically scared of what the Al Queda were capable of, and alot of them were lashing out at people with links to Iraq (not the Al Queda, but normal Iraq citizens). This really made us not too disimilar to the Al Queda in that respect, what with Al Queda were lashing out at the USA public for what the USA government had decided, as to scared people lashing out at Iraqs because of what the Al Queda had done. Sad sad times.

On a more local note, this racism is still being highlighted, as a local Iraq man was murdered in a cowardly attack on the Kingsway in Swansea. This happened about 2-3 months ago, and the man who done it has been caught, and is pleading for a manslaughter charge (difference being, he claims to wanted to hurt the Iraq guy, no intentions of killing him). There was a huge uprising of local minorities within the area, and further laws have been called into place, all due to the actions of one racist idiot. Still though, it only takes one :(

Back to the point, racism issues are to do with if people actively hate and attack others because of differences, and we can't dub someone a complete racist for making a joke in a pub, as compared to someone who will lash out at others for no more reason that the fact that they are different. I could print about 30 racist jokes back to back, I know quite a few, but I'm not racist at all. I don't hate people for what type they are, it's what people do that make me call them twats, that's the way it should be :D

Still though, bit of a pillock that Ron is lol :D

Ron - the People's Champion (if we were all racists apparently)

When I was back in school, I was bullied by a few people, including a coloured kid called Ben, who was a good foot taller than me and physically built like a brick shithouse. One particular day, I was in a P.E. class, and in the changing room Ben elbowed me in the back 26 times, while counting them out to the rest of the school. I was in agony, and collapsed down. A few days later, I reported him to the teachers about it, and called him a "black bastard". Not because he was black, but because he hit me 26 times. I was dubbed a racist by the rest of the school kids for the next few months after that. Yet everyone was happy to let Ben carry on as normal, even though he hit me that amount of times, the twat. I'm sure he's changed now, but some people leave school still as the idiots they were when they were there, and those people will never properly learn.

I would like some sort of extra comments on to this, as I'm sure racism is something everyone hears of or suffers from at some point, stick your comments in if ya can be arsed :D

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