Friday, January 21, 2005

Real Wife Swops

Channel 5 are at it again. Playing some classic TV shows about Wife Swopping which could be happening up your street, much to the hope of all the single masterbating saddo's in normal suburbia. I watched this program out of disbelief, as a 60 year old couple were showing how their lives have benefitted from wife-swopping. It was like watching your quiet old next door neighbours getting involved with orgies, damn disturbing to a certain degree. Click here for Channel 5's description on this programme.

Just found this...The Local Girl...a very odd but good site. Nout to do with porn either :D

Blimey, finished watching "The 4400" season 1, damn odd ending to it. Was class though, some real nice ideas strung into it. The first to be abducted though, a small girl called Maia is still damn freaky. I was thinking that it was turning from something that could have been very well done to something like Roswell near the end of it though. Oh dear.

Am living off Crunchie Nut Cornflakes and 100cal packets of French Sticks at the mo....trying to limit the amount of crap I've been eating. Apparently men eat more chocolate than women according to a pole (damn Polish, who'd they think they are?), so I must be eating someone else's share :p Seriously though, I've put on alot of weight since working here, about 3 stone in weight in nearly 5 years of sitting in this office. That's alot of excess baggage.

Change of pace, here's some cats playing basketball.

Oh well, am going to carry on with work now, so there :D


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