Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ultimate Farce

On ITV 1 in the U.K. at the moment, ever saturday night at 9pm, there is a program with more male testosterone than Fatima Whitbread called "Ultimate Force". A series following a make-beleive group in the British SAS, undergoing different missions, ie anything from hostage situations to getting a kebab from High Street. I was a bit pished last night, so I thought I'd watch what it had to offer us last night. Feck me.

Meant to be set in the wilds of Africa, but it looked more like Devon, the team are sent in to take a reporter to meet a rebel leader about something. Immediately even without trying I knew that the reporter was not who he said he was, because it's a man's show (they always have crap plot twists like this). I also knew that something bad was going to happen too, as it would be boring if they went "right, you've met him, cmon let's go home" and that was it. But the funniest bit by far was this;
The local Chief has been going around with a platoon killing anyone who didn't vote for him (because he's evil apparently), and he's attacking a small girl when Ross Kemp bumps into them. The Chief let's go of the girl, and looks worried until another unseen soldier sneaks up and puts a machette under Ross's chin from behind. Ross lowers his gun slowly and stands there. The chief says something evil, then pulls a flick-knife out to kill Ross. In the background, another SAS blokey shoots the guy holding the machette, which in turn flies up in the air. Ross catches it, and in one swift movement hops forward and in the most comedic way imaginable slices the Chief's head off in one fell swoop. My jaw dropped quicker than the Chief's head (due to it's badness), and Ross said something that was meant to be cool like "A little less conversation Chief" and walks off. It was a new low for Saturday night telly.

On BBC1 on the other hand, they have started showing a program called Sea of Souls (not to be pronounced Sea Arseholes), which is actually really good. About a parapsychology department in Clyde University, Glasgow, which has been approached about weird things happening locally. Instead of it being ashoe-string production, the BBC have actually produced something very nicely, which it could have turned out very easily like a bad B-Movie instead.

I've also been shopping; I've bought "The 4400" season 1 on DVD. I had a gut's full from listening to people who got Digital TV telling me how good it is, so I bought the DVD instead. Damn good viewing, I do agree :) If you haven't heard of it, visit the site and find out. In a nutshell though, it's about 4400 people who've been abducted over the last 60'odd years, and when a comet explodes over a lake, all 4400 people re-appear on the shoreline. But they're all not quite the same. Damn good, like re-inventing the X-Files all over again.

I'm still off work though (hurrah!), and am back in this Thursday, so back to bed for me :D


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