Monday, January 10, 2005

Yey for Pool

The Sunday League Pool season started again last night. Our team had a match in a pub in Brynhyfryd (I bet I spelt it wrong, no vowels ffs). Nice bunch of lads, even though when one of them lost his match he almost smashed his cue up. Pillock. We still beat them though, which is great considering that none of us have played properly in a month. There was one funny thing about it though; there was a fly annoying everyone in the pub. Now with regards to this fly (apart from having flies in a pub, which is always classy), it must have been the stupidest fly imaginable. As one of our guys went to break off in a frame, the fly literally lands on the tip of the cue. As if it's wanting to be crushed between tip and cueball, the fly just waited until he shook the cue about eight times to dislodge it. When I was reffing a match (we have to ref some games each), the fly landed on the side of the pool table. Except that the fly landed UPSIDE-DOWN. And couldn't get back up. How dull have you go to be to land upside-down? There again, it was a pub, maybe it was half-cut.


Morning all. Suppose I'd better find some links or sommit....

For shame!

Check this out, click here to play some weird game involving catapulting dogs as high as possible. Tis all in Japanese though, but still fun.

Also found this, which must have taken the bloke ages to do all of these sculptures. Some people just need a hooby, if only for medical reasons.

Christ, had this e-mailed to me by Morris (cheers mate, even though you're name's not Morris), BBC News Article About Blogs. Now even if you're just browsing etc, IF YOU HAVE A BLOG READ THIS BBC ARTICLE FOR FECK'S SAKE. It's a news article about people who write blogs and say information about their own workplace. They give an example of someone who was publishing alot of info about work, work found out and subsequently fired her ass. Now I've been careful enough not to mention the company that I work for during all of my blog so far, and just as well after seeing this. I mean come on, use some sense people! I've taken the line that everyone to a certain degree has bad things to say about work (even if it's just something like "the coffee machine's giving mud instead of amazing instant"). But what you don't do is involve every bastard and the company and publically denounce them from the inside out. No wonder she's landed in a job centre, the pillock.

God, saturday night was a laugh. Went to the local, and one of the resident nutters Tommy decided to dress up in the landlady's PJs and kareoke. These PJs were bright pink silk, and he was also wearing bunny slippers too. He got up and sang Elvis's Teddy Bear, and kicked off the performance by shouting out "Let's kick some shit!". Damn funny bloke :)

Otherwise, apart from the pool match 'n' that, was a pretty lame weekend as such. Had a late morning wake-up yesterday, which is always appreciated. As I'm a lazy git. When I get home today, I do plan to put my feet up and watch "Chronicles of Riddick". Heard it's crap, but hey, life's a learning experience. Just got off the phone to a bloke who after I fixed his problems very quickly, I was greeted with "Thanks love!". No, thank you for ending the call mate, no offence. I don't play football at Home and Away venues if you know what I mean.

EDIT: just been sent this, basically billboards for slapheads. The bigger your slap, the more money you rake in. Great idea, if you're retarded.


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