Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ikea is Fun!

Last night, at midnight to be presice, saw the opening of the U.K.'s largest Ikea store in London. Oh dear. Now the reason that I say this, if you haven't heard already, was because of this BBC article covering the disaster of an opening day. Between 4-6,000 people turned up, and within half an hour of opening the doors, a load of people were crushed and injured in the rush, and one person actually STABBED another outside the store as well ffs. No wonder it was closed half an hour later. Sounds like grannies and the mention of a Christmas sale.

Furniture sale? FIIIIGGGGHHHHTTT!!!!

Christ, you normally only ever see this in horrible football disasters of history past, not in a fecking furniture outlet. I suppose if enough people got a passion for something, they will put themselves and others in harms way to show it, even if in this case it was a passion for Amorf Wilton Rugs priced £3.90 (reasonably priced too).

Still though, it's only a furniture store ffs, they may as well stick to Argos for the next few weeks until the crowds calm down, with Argos's patented "Lamenated Book Of Dreams" (that phrase was patented by Bill Bailey, not Argos lol). I know people take fashion and home-design seriously, but we never see Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen and Handy Andy duking it out in a full-on streetfight, just for some new curtains.

Found this,Pips Rubberfeet, who posts alot on B3ta and regularly gets frontpage pictures on the site, v good artist. Here's an example;

Damn freaky rabbit

Weird Link Of The Week

A Bible's Lesson On Gays

Was sent this by Keith in work, can you believe that someone actualy drew this for educational purposes? That's the difference with Catholic schools nowadays, always putting in the extra effort :D


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