Friday, February 18, 2005

Last But One Saturday In Work

Hmmmmm, now this is odd, work have re-arranged the shifts so that we are now from 2 weeks time not working weekends at all. About fecking time too, I need my beauty sleep (and for an ugly bastard, I need alot of sleep) :D

Spent alot of last night editing my old Jeccy's Den website, just to practise basic HTML, and also to tidy up the amount of crap I've dumped on my webspace. For once, it's looking mostly sorted and alot tidier. Not the webpage, but the webspace I'm keeping it on. Makes a change though; it used to look like my sock drawer.

Damn tired this morning, first time I've had a drink on friday night in ages. Feeling it this morning though, even though I only had 2. Was awake until 1am last night though, then up at 7. God damn.

Random Link Of The Day

Mongy Chops Cheery Tomato - Brilliance, but a bit distasteful if you are easily offended :D

Soz for shortness, and will post again on Monday.


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