Saturday, February 12, 2005

Odd Thought Of The Day

Imagine having to explain to the Queen...what Bukkake is. I dunno why I thought of that, hence it being an odd thought. Just in case you're completely innocent and you don't know what bukkake is, here's a link to Urban Disctionary's Definition of it. This is a loose definition mind you, as it refers to that with many people at once usually. Oh dear.

Going back to point though, how would you tell the Queen? She could be there, watching Neighbours, and Harold mentions Bukkake in passing in a pub. Ok, that's highly unlikely, but hey, Harold's awesome and capable of anything :D .There was an urban legend with Harold, where in the Neighbours studio, when they have public tours of the sets, they are walked around by one of the cast, and then there's a question/answer session at the end. On one particular tour, Harold got to the question/answer stage, and some cheeky kid asked "Harold, why are you so fat?". Quick as a flash, Harold replied "Because everytime I bang your mother, she gives me a cookie." I so want that to be true, amazing :) .But going back to the point (again), the Queen turns around to the butler, and ask's "Jeeves, what is Bukkake?". He can't really lie to her, I mean she's the Queen, you get hung for decieving a monarch. Plus you never know, she might like the idea, everyone to themselves. So, Jeeves pretty much mumbles his way through the conversation, skitting across saying the inevitable, until he's backed himself into a verbal corner and blurts out nervously "Blokes jizzing on bird!" before he can stop himself. That would be funny as feck :D

Still, it's bukkake season, as Valentine's Day is around the corner, so what do you buy the perfect girl who has everything?

Make Valentine's Day Special


Anonymous Chad Rutger said...

This reminds me of the old saying "everytime a fish leaps for the stil lake we must also remember that somewhere a woman is being battered by an alcoholic substance abusing partner"

Theres a lot to to ponder there, dont you agree?

4:17 AM  
Blogger John Coghlan said...

Yup, I do. For every normal family out there, there's a twisted one. Depends on your perception on normallity. Bukkake could be a normal cultural occurance in other countries, we just don't know for sure.

2:44 AM  

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