Monday, February 21, 2005

Oh The Pain!

Hate going into work Monday morning. I've gotta do stuff like wake up, and remember that I've got to earn money for the bills. I am completely tired though, had a good drink fest on saturday, and didn't get to rest properly on Sunday morning either, so I is cream-crackered.

What's happened then? David and Victoria Beckham's had a new sprog named "Cruz Beckham". This has stirred some crud up in the news, including the fact that in Spain, the name Cruz is mainly for girls lol. Apparently the experts think they named him Cruz so he would fit in. That kid is going to be beaten badly at school lol.

Random Piccy Of The Day

"We're being hunted..."

I made that in MS Paint, dead chuffed :) I'll post it on B3ta late me thinks; they are running a competition on what fox hunters will do after the ban (click here to see the entries).

Yey, just found out that work have conned us out of a pre-arranged shift swap, and changed they're minds last minute. We were told that we would work a 32 hour week for the same pay as 37, but lose our 6 month bonus (for working the split shift rota). So we've lost our bonus, but are still working the full 37 hours instead. What a bunch of wankers.


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