Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Past the Two Thousand Mark

God knows why though, as all I talk about is bollocks.

Hello rat fans, nnneeeeeeeeeahhh, and welcome to a post-valentine's blog entry. My cunning purchase of a large bouqet of flowers delivered to the wife's work place has saved my balls from being removed from my person, and am now getting food cooked for me on a regular basis again. Hurrah!

What really annoys me is the fact that I have had to type this three damn times, as blogger decided to fall over last night and wipe all of what I typed in. Was about bollocks though, so it saved you alot of pain.

Link Of The Day

Speed Relief

Charity site setup for Comic Relief in conjunction with the BBC, and a real annoying speed racing game. Prepare to curse. My best time so far is 9.270 seconds, but I'm getting quicker :p

Annoying game, but damn addictive

Got 8.759 secs, hurrah! I might do some work now.

What I did type about yesterday was the ban on fox-hunting tonight, but it got deleted (cheers blogger!). So, to reiterate;

In the USA the big court case over there is obviously the Michael Jackson case. Over in the U.K. however, we've got the case of banning fox hunting. Myself personally speaking, I think it's mostly ok that they are banning it. There are some people who legitimately make their livelihood from the hobbie, like hunting supply shops, the dog breeders and stable people who will loose alot of money from this ban. They will loose out alot, which is an unfortunate side-effect of the ban, and the ban is not directly targetting these people. The people which the ban is targetting are the ones on horseback setting 50 dogs onto a small woodland creature, then blowing it's brains out with a shotgun afterwards.

Some of these toffs have bragged about how after the ban they will still continue to do this, as if they are above public opinion. I do have a solution to this issue;

1 - Arrest the toff while in full hunting gear. This is an important factor, which will come into focus later.

2 - Offer the toff two options. Option 1 is to stick him in prison for Cruelty to Animals etc for 6 months, or option 2 is to send him on a reform holiday for 2 weeks in Spain. They should pretty much take option 2 as default, unless they are completely stupid. Heh heh heh.

3 - Fly them over to Spain still in his hunting suit , and invite them into a large enclosed courtyard with a small table and a shotgun, loaded with blanks. The hunter doesn't know this however, as all he can see is a loaded shotgun.

4 - Lock him in there, and release twenty bulls in with him.

5 - Watch how the hunter understand the irony, or just get ripped to shreds, whatever tickles your tastebuds.

Bunch Of Cocks At Play

Down to 8.568 secs now, whooosh.

Also found Puppy Times, a game coming out on the Nintendo DS. Takes tamagochis to a whole new level with this.


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Ive always thought that Phlegm should be spelt 'Flem'. It has a much better gut churning sound to it.



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