Friday, February 18, 2005

Yey For Everything

Microsoft have had to retract 14 million Xbox power cables as there are fears that they may set themselves alight.

See Sony, it can do that as well!

It's a big day today. Eastenders kills off Dirty Den. Again. Wooo. Haven't the BBC got any better ideas though? Even though I gave up watching it 5 years ago as it became so incredibly far-fetched I thought I was watching an episode of the X-Files. Car chases and people threatening to commit suicide, car bombs and shootings. Just like your normal community. Bollocks it is. But still, tonight there are three women who attack Den, and one of them kills him. Then apparently they bury him under the Queen Vic. Oh the irony of it all. Like. The TV critics have lapped this all up, and are loving all of this conspiracy stuff. Personally, I think Dot did it. I mean look at the pic below, she means trouble.

"Alreet, I've drawn you a Pirate" - LIES

But I don't let these things get to me, you know. I take things in my stride. Like.

Other news, Prince Charles and Camilla have cocked up royally (ahem), when trying to book they're wedding. They've only booked it in a place in Guilford town centre lol. I mean a hall in the middle of a street in the town centre as well; there's a newsagents a few doors down ffs. I bet the Queen has flipped her lid :D

On the B3ta newsletter this week, they have posted a link to the hardest url challenge that I have ever tried. If you like your puzzles, check this bastard puzzle out. I got to the 5th screen and was totally stumped.

I don't mind the occasional brain work-out, but that puzzle is the equivalent of a frontal lobotamy. I got to stage 8 though, which the answer is mukki.htm if you don't believe me.

Also found out why the office printer don't work;

"Who'se been printing Richard Gere stuff?"

Random Link Of The Day

Bunny Suicides - See bunnys commit hari-kari in the best ways possible. Very funny stuff.


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