Sunday, March 20, 2005

Do I Need To Say It?

Ohhhh, what a result :D

Well well well. Just to annoy the English a bit, we've heard two great bits of rugby news this weekend. Obviously the main one has to be that Wales have won the Grand Slam in style, beating Ireland in an impressive game on Saturday. They seemed in control of the game from early on, waiting for the mistakes to be made, and taking advantage with clinical determination. Nout against Ireland mind you, but Rhys Ivans (Welsh actor etc) said that "it was a shame to have to beat Irealand, as the Welsh get on with them so well. It would have been far better to hammer the English to do it instead on the last game." Can't say that I don't agree with them, would have been far more fun. Cmon :D

The other fact is that Wales are now officially ranked higher than England :D Ohhhh, that smarts :D

Other news, got stuffed at pool last night (even though I won me game, tut tut).....we played a group of Welsh International pool players in Gorseinon and lost 6-2. Believe you and me, it was a good result to walk away with any points at all from that, as two of the games were them breaking off and clearing up 1st shot. Most of our team had 1 shot all night, and the seven game match was over in an hour (and that included the time to eat sarnies and drink too) and I was home by 9pm.

Still......Wales won :D

Random Link Of The Day

The Incredible Machine Flash Game - Cool flash game to keep you busy :)


The New Star Wars Episode 3 Trailer - Blimey. Now I don't want to stick me neck out when I say looks sweet. Really sweet. Much more sweet than the 1st and 2nd put together. YOU MUST WATCH THIS. NOW. DO IT!


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