Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Got me DS, and have spent the majority of the time on it. Rather sab, but it's damn good. Good enough that it's kept me away from me Blog. Oh well.

Rugby was good, Wales are the only team on for the Grand Slam. We can't say they haven't earnt it either; we beat the World Champions England in the first game, and have gone from strength to strength since then. Last weekend was a bit ropey though; that 2nd half was awful, but the lads did win it in the 1st half in fairness.

On for the Grand Slam though, which aint a pipe dream anymore and will be one hell of a Saturday if (I'm saying if, lol) we beat Ireland in the Millenium Stadium. Before the Six Nations I did call that Wales were going to do well in the tournament, as we had great games with South Africa and the All Blacks before-hand. Cmon the Cymru!!!

Did a car boot sale last saturday. NEVER AGAIN. It may be ok to go down to a boot sale to buy stuff, but unless you're a fecking narcissist and love stress NEVER SELL IN A BOOT SALE. You will be haggled by grannies who want stuff for free, people who say they can't afford anything then give you a twenty pound note and want change, and the usual pick pocketers who doss about. We got there at 5.45am, and left at about 11.20am, and had seen rain, sleet, snow, hail and almost a real strong wind during that time. I was fecking freezing. All the stuff we sold basically got us about £200 though, which wasn't that bad. But I will NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

Random Link Of The Day/Week/Whenever

Mofaha's Site - an artist who posts regularly on the B3ta website. He's done some very very good work though;

iPods in zoos are not a good idea.

Will post again shortly :p


Anonymous Chad Rutger said...

The man in the blue is Jeccius. The man in the red is a ninja sent to terminate jeccius.

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