Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Am trying to do this blog, and I keep getting HTTP 500 errors on this damn network....cmon work, get it working for feck's sake.

Yey...a day later and I can type again. Our internal tech support is a bit crud guys, get on it!

Mr Bump took to stalking Ms Weisz whenever he could

Well, she did it. Sian's finally gone from our workplace for good. Still speak to her on Messenger though, the nutty tart that she is (only joking, don't hit me :D). Our team organised a few leaving presents, which started from a team picture which had to be made by me and printed onto photo paper and placed into a frame. Here's the pic below;

Click on the pic to enlarge

Apologies to the team members who aren't on there, as I didn't have all your heads on MS Paint before I did this lol. By the way, I'm the handsome bastard in the top-right corner, last but one :D. I'm working on a different one at the mo, with everyone on it, which should take me 4 months to get around drawing.

Sian's other prezzies included a packet of AA Batteries, and (if you don't see where we're going here you are clearly blind) a see-thru Rampant Tabbit dildo for the batteries to go it. God she laffed at that, and stuck the dildo in someone's ear while he was taking a call lol.

Sian was really choked with the presents, however. Maybe she was using the rabbit wrong lol :D

She starts her new job on Monday, and is expected to quit by Thursday (only joking, good luck you nutter).

Last night I got home from work and decided to take a trip down memory lane with a game on my PC called "Freelancer". But before I did that, I had a look on the internet to see if I could find anything interesting for it....I found Lancer's Reactor , which has pretty much anything on the game ever made and then some. I've currently got most of the Star Wars ships installed on it, and it's very very cool :)

Random Link Of The Day

The new trailer for the new "Sin City". How fecked up does this look? And there's a shite load of stars in it too, should be a biggie :)

EDIT; BORING 3D - Blimey, these pics are good, and all rendered as a hobby interest by some bored blokey for our amusement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tis me - the sian

thanks for all my pressies the rabbit was quality

will think of u lot everytime i use it haha!

3:58 AM  

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