Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Let's Av Some More

Been busy over the last few hours....trying to sell some stuff off eBay as I am royally skint, plus have been doodling on MS Paint as per normal too.


Random Link Of The Day

Blimey...got a few today :D

Annoying Grid Game - You click once, and get a chain reaction. I've managed to get one which was in the thousands too, if you don't beleive me click here.

Finger Twister ONLINE - Awesome game of monitor Twister, great for drunk occasions lol.

Kitten Flash Movie - For best results have sound, otherwise still really funny Flash movie about kittens NSFW!

After the success of Ozzy above, I've decided to see how many others I can make using Mr Men :) Should keep me busy. Well, it's either that or work lol.

Just a few then :p

Now I've already done Mr Tickle, so I need to do one for Mr Greedy next. Will get started straight away.

Also, last night in work, I looked around the desk with idle curiosity, and one of the guys on our team called Neil was doing something quite odd. He was actually eating a Wether's Original WITH A SPOON. what the le feck?


2nd Superstar Conversion to a Mr Men

Hint; she's engaged to Peter Andre and up the duff :D


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