Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yet More Shinanigans

With the Mr Men....this is getting harder lol :)

GĂ©rard Depardieu on the set of "Asterix And Obelix"

Blimey, been busy on eBay. I'm now selling 16 or so items, which I've added onto eBay yesterday (see my stuff on eBay here, nout like a free plug :D), plus I'll be putting a load of books on there too, which are currently in storage (mainly Discworld titles). I've got ALOT of them to go, so that should keep me busy this afternoon.

Was channel hopping on my freeview box last night, and was on a channel called "F TN". Basically the Bravo channel of the freeview box world, and it had some funny stuff on there. Watch the beginning of a program called "Sin Cities 3", where this guy went on tour around all the seedy parts of the world to see what is out there. He was in Holland, and was invited onto the "Bang Van" last night. Now this was odd, yet actually quite funny. This announcer ended up having a driving tour of the city, while someone made a porn film 2 foot away from him with a girl he picked up in the street a few minutes earlier. The announcer was intently looking out of the window and commenting on the local arcitecture etc, while this couple were fecking themselves stupid, and was actually quite funny.

Last but one day for the Sianmeister, she's off to pastures new, and I'm not calling here a cow with that comment (even if she has got a better job lol). She's sitting opposite me now, sulking into her monitor (most probs because she's still here, this place is like Terps for the brain). Oh well, only one day left you lucky git, stop moping!!!!!

Been working on a team pic for the lads in here....have pretty much finished one, and will post it soon. Nothing to get excited about really, unless you know the guys I work with, otherwise it's just a bunch of n00bs looking stupid in a big piccy lol. Otherwise, will type to you soon :)

Omg crap link time;

The Mr Men Official Homepage - I'm bored. Why have I found this fecking site? OH yeah, to convert them all to famous peeps. There's alot on there though...gonna take me some time.


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