Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yey For Work Dress Code

Hurrah! As of Monday, the ass clowns in management have decided that we are breaking from our last 5 year tradition of wearing what we want, to wearing office attire only. Great. That's going to make us want to work. Next up, they'll be making us wear braces too.

Random Link Of The Day

Stupid Girl In Embarrasing Photo Snap - Look an idiot? Embarrased that someone took a photo of you? Embarrased that someone put the photo on the net? Embarrased that someone took the photo, and photoshopped it till doomsday in some real funny pictures? You will be, just like this drunk bird is :D

The top one's the original, the bottom one is one of many :D

Who the feck dances like that? No wonder they had a field day :D

Earl Lewis A musician who I'm actually speaking to while making this blog...nice use of Flash too.

Swansea's been busy yesterday.....firstly, there was a road rage incident in Port Tennant, where a gentleman in his 70's was involved in a car accident, and was attacked by the other driver. One of the witnesses for this incident drinks in our local, no names being mentioned obviously :).

Secondly, there was what seems like an attempted suicide on Oystermouth Road (the main road leading next to the coast of Swansea) where a woman apparently jumped off a public walkbridge into on-coming traffic. The entire road was closed off all afternoon, causing major havoc in traffic congestion. Maybe she was trying to catch her bus, I dunno.

Thirdly, there was a car crash at 3pm literally about 50 yards from my front door, where a blue Corsa slammed into the back of another car. This was outside the doorstep of me local too, where drinkers were bemused when there were Police outside the pub, but for some unknown reason not rushing the place lol. That caused chaos in the traffic too. This happened roughly the same time as the attempted suicide, which didn't help the traffic flow at all.

Oh, and the Pope's almost dead too, bless :p

Aint had time to do a Mr Men piccy today, but will do one soon, honest guv :D

EDIT; Here's today's Mr Men;

Ohhhhh, nasty :D


Blogger cablebroadband said...

I'm coming in dressed as Batman on Monday. Nobody said THAT was banned.

9:39 AM  

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