Thursday, April 14, 2005


Last night.....I missed it by 10 minutes. Damn!

In our local pub, we have an elderly gentleman who goes by the name of Arthur. Now a cross between an elderly version of Popeye and someone suffering from Turrets. If he speaks to you, you will understand approximately 2 words a sentence, and the majority of the time he ends anything he says (if you can understand it) with "....yup yup yup yup yup." This makes communicating with him impossible, but quite laughable at the same time. But Arthur last night was in for a treat. Imagine if you will this Arthur. Now place this imaginary Arthur in a pub. Now imagine the landlady closing all of the curtains in the pub, keeping Arthur in a low lit environment. Imagine Athur with a pint, and his 3 surviving teeth and goofy old lips slurping over the side of the pint.

Now imagine the look of horror on his face when a blonde stripper turns up and rams her arse in his face.

There were no "yup, yup, yups" to be heard. By all accounts, he was not happy. A group of lesbians in the corner were though, they were dribbling :) He insulted the stripper all the way through the proceedings lol. He wouldn't even eat the cream off her nipples either. For shame Arthur!

So she done her act, packed up all her stuff, and I got there 10 minutes after it had finished. Bollocks. One of the guys from the Pool Team did take a few digital photos of the event, which I got to christen, ummmm, look at, which in one picture the stripper is walking over to Arthur and he's got a look of real hate in his face. Classic :)

I always miss the funny stuff, plus an excuse to see baps in public, am well gutted.

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That's it...once I've found something interesting I'll link it up for you, otherwise it's back to work for me.


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