Monday, April 04, 2005

Day 1 Of Dress Code Season

And we're like a group of people possesed. We've practically all come into work in office wear, and have already started bitching and bullying the people who have come in wearing jeans. I've worn jeans for 5 years coming to this place, what the feck has come over me?

Ohhhhh, had a rough alcohol session on the weekend; Saturday night is mainly a blur. Not as in the band, but as in the alcoholically induced eye-sight you get after backing a few sambucca and vodka shots in ten minutes.

I asked Subway for a Meatball Roll, and they gave me a Mr Men one

Yup, I finally did it. I've been to a Subway . Blimey, one's just opened up in Swansea, and the website has been making me dribling. So me and the missus were in town, and I suggested that we try the place (I showed her the website too, and she couldn't resist either). Thankfully, the place was open on a Sunday so that helped for starters. So we join a rather healthily long queue of people, all waiting to try this out. The first problem for a start was the fact that the menu was completely out of sight, until you actually got to the counter. So you were left queuing up looking sideways at a ceiling menu, which didn't help us at all as you didn't know what was on offer until you got served, where you looked a complete twonk holding the rest of the public up while reading the menu. Secondly, the prices were all over the shop, and quite pricey too. They list loads of individual prices, loads of meal prices, and different combos available. The MacDonalds menu is far easier in comparison, which is quite scary when you think about it really. In retrospect though, the staff had braincells and made the roll right in front of you, which was cool. So I had as an experiment, the Meatball Marinara, which was actually fecking lovely. Only problem being, you try keeping a meatball covered in tomota sauce in a roll as you take a bite; was like a spud gun. Take a bite on one end, and you launch sauce everywhere. Was like eating a rissoto in a crackerbread lol. Other than that, I had a cookie and a drink for a rather pricey £5.30. I need a raise.

Oh, and the Pope's dead :p

Random Link Of The Day

Bad Chinese Subtitles - The B3ta'ans have been at it again, finding this corking site. It's all about the lucrative chinese DVD piracy rings, and about the corners cut when translating english to chinese. Damn funny results on this :D


Blogger cablebroadband said...

I was very surprised by the number of ties on show. I was offended by the age of some of them as well.

On the plus side, yes. yes. I can feel myself becoming more professional ngngnggggnnnn nnngggggg ahhh that's it.

10:17 PM  
Blogger John Coghlan said...

More ties than a funeral procession in my opinion.

I know you work here....but WHO ARE YOU? lol

4:02 AM  
Blogger cablebroadband said...

It's a secret. I might be Andrew Taramasalata. Or, not.

12:10 PM  

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