Monday, April 11, 2005

Feeling the Aftermath....

....of the wife's birthday. Urghhhh. What an odd, but rather fun weekend. Was the wife's birthday on Saturday, but the strange things didn't start happening then, no sir.

Friday morning; finished Doom 3. I only just started playing it. Bollocks. Killed that big huge Cyberdemon around that circular portal using a Soul Cube. I cut the bottom half of his leg off then slit his throat. I'm such a nice lad really.

Friday night. We go onto our normal expedition trip to the local across the road from us. We wonder in the pub, and I'm introduced to two blokes from Bristol, who are related to the new landlord of the pub. I am then challenged by these two Bristolians, after drinking a few beers and sambucca, to answer riddles. Which I do. Very quickly. Because I've heard all of them years ago, but not to rub it in or be impolite I go ahead with the game, keeping eveyone happy. Besides, even though they resembled chavs they were making an effort to talk to people, so I'm not going to say anything bad about them. I rather drunkedly then decide that I'd tell them a few "jokes", and they can't look in my direction anymore without laughing. It was almost like "Wycliffe, I'm your biggest fan" all over again.

So Friday night continues as normal, and it hits 11.25pm, where I decide that I'm off for some takeaway before they close at 11.30pm. The wife still had some drink left, so she said she'd catch me up. I get to the takeaway (which is coincidentally my next door neighbours, great recipe for becoming a fat twunt), order my rice with curry sauce (cos it rocks) and go home. I stick the telly on, eat my entire meal, wash the dishes, and watch TV for 20 minutes before the wife comes back home. Apparently, about two minutes after I left, a pub-fight kicked off the size of a Cowboy Western, and I was busy being drunk and ordering food, and missed the lot. There was an ambulance, the Police and a bit of drunken blood going about. Am well gutted, I missed the lot.

Saturday. The wife's birthday. I start off the day by making my wife some breakfast in bed, as it's awfully impolite not to no someone's birthday. I decided to make some bacon and egg baps, which went as well as a wooden space ship. With me, cooking is like something I heard said in the film Dodgeball; "You're as useful as a group of spazzes trying to roger a doorknob". The eggs were mostly horrible and the bacon was burnt, but hey, the rolls were ok (only because I didn't need to cook them). So breakfast went well.

In the afternoon, we went up to visit the wife's twin (not identical, blimey and hell no. They are VERY DIFFERENT). That was a barrel of laughs, as per normal. Except for me nephew Shea, who enjoys kicking lumps out of me. We dropped them down the park, and went home to get ready for the night out.

There's not much that I can say about the night out itself, except that there was a gian inflatable cock involved, and I ended up eating a kebab in the pub with a pint. Was a real good laugh :D

Random Link Of The Day

Tiger Woods Incredible Shot - Click the middle link and watch the genius at play. This shot won him the 16th hole, and should have won him the Masters there and then, incredible to watch (I watched it live last night, was gob smacked).

Last night we had a pool match against a pub in Landore. We were all feeling quite rough....but we still won 8-0. Feck knows how though.

Oh, and one other thing; when the Pope's funeral was on on Friday afternoon. Instead of watching it, I played "The Punisher" lol, moment in history, classic :D


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