Friday, April 15, 2005

Ok, Here's A New One

....strange things are brewing in TV Land in the UK. There's two new "celebrity reality" programmes coming to grace our screens very very soon. Both are worthy of a mention on this site, even if it is going to be critisicm :)

Hell's Kitchen 2

The first was an absolute success, and also boosted the careers of a few celebs in the process. Gordon Ramsey tortured 12 celebs in a kitchen, until they could cook. Was damn funny watching some of them break down into tears lol, nout quite like it :) This time around however, Gordon is nowhere to be seen, and is replaced with two head chefs; Gary Rhodes and Christophe Novelli. Both are taking responcibility over two teams of six different as current unknown celebrities, waiting to be reduced to tears. Both teams are apparently competing against each other, hopefully to the death.

Celebrity Wrestling

Now this on paper sounds cool. Two teams of six celebrities, trained to wrestle and beat the crap out of each other. Now that's good TV :D Click here for a writeup on it.

Kate Lawler will be there, woooaaarrrrr

Am meant to be borrowing Wrestlmania 21 on video today from one of the guys in work. Should be cool :D


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