Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Random Link Of The Day

The Ultimate Games Room - This person (whomever they are) has more money than sense.....and has got practically EVEYTHING EVER MADE COMPUTER GAME WISE. I thought I was looking at Toys-R-Us when I was looking at this.....absolutely beserk. To check out his full story click here .

Wooo, there's an internal Pool Tournament going on in work, and I am entered. I'm waiting for some blokey called Scott to e-mail me, and arrange the time for which I am playing. If he doesn't, then I win by default. I've had a couple of matches over the last few weeks, so I'm hoping it will go ok :) In fairness, we've got 64 entrants though, which for a work tourney that's a good outing.

Watched a program on BBC1 last night called "Hustle". I've never fancied it, not since watching the 1st episode of the last season, as it just didn't really appeal to me. But I watched it as I was too knackered to change the channel on the remote lol. Blimey, it spun me out. There was one hell of a con going on, and it was completely fresh, and spun me well out; they stunned the target a beauty, and I couldn't help but laugh as I didn't see it coming either. It was actually all explained at the end, and made sense as well. The writer's a genius, was almost on the level with "The Usual Suspects" for a plot twist at the end. Keep it up, and I might watch it again.

Oh well, back in work again. My phone's warning lights are all off, yet I still have eighty-odd calls queuing to come through. That don't make sense, as when there's just the one queuing you're warned about it. How queer?

Second Random Link

Whack your Boss - Classic :D

A Third?

How Manga Doodles Work - I've always wanted to find this out. Thank the British for inventing Science(tm).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey john

whilst enjoying the fruits of my new job i have had great pleasure in sending these links to my new work buds

thanks for keeping me sane :-)

8:19 AM  

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