Friday, April 22, 2005

One Thing About Work That Really Annoys Me

Is that they don't pay me £17,000 a month. That would be great.

Plus, occasional customers who like to eat down the phone. No offence, but you called us to help you with your computer needs, not to listen to your digestive system you fecking pig. Is it normal for people to enjoy listening to someone munching like feck down the phone? No you delinquent hormone, it is not. I hope you're fat and ugly.


I'm currently trying to fix someone's comp issue as he's eating something down the phone, and the gulping is starting to make me want to tell him to type format c:. It's the most irritating thing; someone calls you for help, and then starts munching a fecking sandwich down the phone. I'm waiting for someone to choke.

But you don't let these things get to you; you must remain professional and 100% focused on the tasks at hand. Hitting targets and taking names is all it is; tech support is starting to seem secondary to my job role. I was employed in this job to help people, yet it's seeming more apparent that to last here you need to help yourself first, and if you've got time help the poor unfortunate who called. I need a new job.

If paper-rounds offered enough money, I'd do that at the mo. This place sucks.

I'm still not mentioning names though, for basic "don't want to get fired" reasons. I've never worked in a place where I've been told off for being too helpful before. I've never worked in a place where there was so little responcibility to it's customers (well, that's not strictly true....I bombed Nam). I've never worked in a place before where the coffee machines make mud, with weeds included. I've never worked in a place before where the canteen should have been closed down eight times previously, yet it still serves sausages in about 60% of it's products. I've never worked in a place where the canteen charges double the price for things which are available in Morrisons around the corner from us for half the price with better quality. I've never worked for a place where the security couldn't look after a pet snail, let alone a building. I've never worked in a place where half the management have never done the job you're doing, and tell you what to do even though they've never done it themselves.

But you don't let these things get to you. Ohhhhhh no.

Random Links Of The Day

Funky New Royal Video - Funny as feck spoof Charles and Camilla vid, classic :)

Eternal Fun - Wooo, flash games galore site :)

Ze Frank - Damn good flash site, to see some excellent flash examples, check out the dragon one for example, it's almost hypnotic.

I need a day off. To spend in bed.

Oh, and I've put 2 extra links on the right, 2 extra games for ya...Zookeeper and Pinball. Yey.


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