Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Super Sub!!!!

Last night I was asked to cover for the Monday night Pool team at my local, as they were short a player. I finished work at 7.45pm and made my way to the local, where the match was all ready to start. I was listed in to play 5th out of 6 singles matches which were scheduled, and play the first of three doubles with the Arthur as well. After the first four matches the score was tied at 2-2, and then I went up and kicked ass. I nearly cleared on the first shot, missing the last red but developing the black rather easily. Then on the second shot I took out a long red and long black to make it 3-2. The last singles was lost to the away side, who were looking a little bit sheepish by now. 3-3. Me and Arthur grace the table for the 1st doubles, as Arthur takes out alot of the game, and I miss an early clearance chance. The away side do well, and leave this situation on the table for me to take on;

Click here for biggie

See Fig 1.a. Blimey, I'm using figs, what am I, gay? Fecking hell. I was left with this situation on the table. I was on the black, and I was truely knackered for trying to knock the yellow out of the way, as it was too close to the pocket. I couldn't cross double it to the top left as the cue ball would have hit it. I couldn't do the long double down the table, as the cue ball would've most definately interferred with the shot. So what I went for was Fig 1.b (fecking hell) and lined it up instead. I spent a minute looking at the angles, and played the shot. It went in straight in the middle of the pocket. Everyone's cheering, and the away squad are clapping as well, and a bit gobsmacked as well. I pack up my cue, and I leave the match before it has finished; I still don't know wether we won or not.

I'm smug as fuck, and still grinning like a dopey twat over it :D

Random Link Of The Day

The Experimental Gameplay Project - People who are trying to create fun games as qucikly as possible...all are free games to download too, cool :D


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