Wednesday, May 04, 2005

About Time For A Posting

Woah....where have I been? I haven't updated this site for yonks, so I'd better get on with it.

Random Links To Kill Your Time

Kitten Cannon - I rule at this; try to beat 2700 feet :D

Kitten War - This site rocks sooooo much :D

Guess The Google - An awesome idea; you place a hidden word into the image search in google, and you have to work out what the word is from the images found, tis awesome fun.

Well....what have I been upto? Apart from worrying about my wife and my job, nothing much. In here, my job has been requiring me to focus alot more on targets etc, which is requiring most if not all my concerntration, hence the lack of postings on here. As well as that, I've been sorting out various things with the bank, and my wife has been under alot of stress.

Her boss is a dentist in Swansea (not saying where for legal reasons), and has threatened her with a disciplinary for not treating customers, sorry, patients with respect. Now, this I find very very hard to believe as my wife has known most if not all the patients longer than the dentist as, as he's only been running the practise for 2- years, and she's been working there for 4. That's point number 1. Secondly, the dentist is very good at what he does, but isn't good at communicating. He finds it difficult to convey anything, without turning it into a smug comment. Thirdly, this disciplinary is mainly stemming from an apparent complaint that Adele has mistreated a patient over the telephone. Now this is the point that really fecks me off.

I don't like this for many reasons, as Adele has to deal with over 4,000 patients who are registered at that practise. She is the first contact with the patient, and has to organise for when every patient needs treatment/a checkup/ a needle etc and organise a timeslot for them. She deals with everyone, and is bound to get an aggressive patient who will give her abuse, because there is not enough time to get everyone seen to. Now for this, if a patient comes in and complains about her because she can't physicsally fit them into the busy schedule then he's taking the fecking patient's side? Because that's what has seemingly happened in this case. I'd knock my dentist's fecking teeth out if he did that to me. With a steering lock. We've literally agreed that if he does try to take this further that we'll have him done in court, for staff malpractise if anything else. Am not happy.

Right, put your shocked face on

Ok, I'm about to start work again, will post soon :)


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