Thursday, May 12, 2005


Random Link Of The Day

The Apologist - If you want to apologise for anything, just get on this site. Lots of funny stuff here. - Badly translated English from Japanese, very cool site, and been around for years.

Flash 2 player Snooker - suprisingly good :)

Kitten Cannon - I actually don't think I've posted this. Highly addictive Kitten launching game...I've got 2700 feet as my personal best.

Morning. Went to pub last night to meet up with a few lads from work, which also included visits from our managers as well. I had the car with me, so I couldn't get blottoed, which was a shame, but we managed to have a bit of a laugh anyroads. Twas the last night we shall see Nicky, who joined our team about 54 months ago, and he has now got a new job elsewhere. Congrats.....bitch :)

I worked out that this Sunday just gone was exactly 5 years to the day for when I started working for this company. I started with hope and ambition, joining a large company which this department was struggling to find it's feet. 5 years later I'm at the same spot as I started, just in more debt, and I really need to get out of here. I started here almost beleiving I was starting a career, but in reality it was just another job. And an overstressed crap job at that.

So, if there's a suitable job out there which I see, I will go for it. If only for my sanity :D

My hayfever's kicking in...sneezing on my keyboard is great fun, as it turns the standardised keyboard into a japanese one in seconds. Plus, there's the bonus that if someone else uses this keyboard and computer later, they're typing on snot :D

Now on "Straight To Video Productions"

Have any of you watched this programme on Channel 5 called the Farm? Don't, it sucks ass. Literally; there's two porn stars staying there, with Stan Orville and Lionel Blair for fecks sake lol. That would make one hell of a porn film :D


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