Saturday, January 22, 2005

Racist Ron's Been At It Again.... this Sun article.

Me and a couple of lads in work have been discussing basic joke racism in conjunction to this article. I've personally thought that there is two main versions of racism;

1 - People who hate other cultures. This is the one which most people understand, and when implemented is dealt with most harshly (which it should be, unless there is an actual legitimate reason for this source of hate, which would have to be a bloody good reason).

2 - People who see racism at every quirk or sentence which they hear. For example, if you said something about a group of coloured people handing out leaflets like "I've never like them", someone will interpret this you hating coloured people, rather than people who hate peeps who give out leaflets, as the leaflets tend to be about something crud most of the time. Stupid leaflet givers.

The most serious of the two is the first one obviously; hate-crimes are not required whatsoever due to pathetic discriminations, let alone now in the 21st Century. But the second point is something which, when tied in with political correctness, can be just downright picky. The article above was a drunk ex-football pundit Ron Atkinson telling a joke in a party. A bit daft, yeah he had a dig at the Chinese, but it doesn't mean that he hates every single Chinese person on the planet. It means he said something a bit funny, but slightly bad if you were Chinese that's all. He doesn't personally hate them all. Admittedly if I was him I wouldn't go for a Chinese for the next few months, if only to avoid spit sauce from the compares. If he wasn't famous though, reporters wouldn't have battered an eye-lid at the joke, and most probably laughed themselves.

Another example which was a few months back, was that someone tried to change the names of primary and secondary hard drives etc, because using the terms "Primary and Slave drives" was deemed dis-tasteful by some old politician. Who the feck cares mate, before you knew what they were called you were still browsing porn.

Alot of people seem to hunt for things to argue about, even when after looking at the whole picture of life, does it make any kind of difference whatsoever? There are people who believethat they need to defend they're beliefs so hard, that any negative comment is a racist attack towards themselves, even if it makes them look like idiots. The Al Queda are a classic example; the west have been against terrorism for sometime, and has played to some political extent in the region for years. The Al Queda famously lashed out to the extreme, killing so many innocent people, then making claims that the west racistly oppresses them. In the eyes of the world however, we see them being racist to the west for this cowardly action. Attacking innocent people in the Sept 11th doesn't mean that we'll all go "Oh yeah, those poor Iraq's got a point." If anything, it will incite more racism to the people who don't understand that it wasn't the full Iraq people who attacked the USA, but just a hand full of terrorists who had lashed out on "religious beliefs". We had problems in the UK after this, as alot of people were basically scared of what the Al Queda were capable of, and alot of them were lashing out at people with links to Iraq (not the Al Queda, but normal Iraq citizens). This really made us not too disimilar to the Al Queda in that respect, what with Al Queda were lashing out at the USA public for what the USA government had decided, as to scared people lashing out at Iraqs because of what the Al Queda had done. Sad sad times.

On a more local note, this racism is still being highlighted, as a local Iraq man was murdered in a cowardly attack on the Kingsway in Swansea. This happened about 2-3 months ago, and the man who done it has been caught, and is pleading for a manslaughter charge (difference being, he claims to wanted to hurt the Iraq guy, no intentions of killing him). There was a huge uprising of local minorities within the area, and further laws have been called into place, all due to the actions of one racist idiot. Still though, it only takes one :(

Back to the point, racism issues are to do with if people actively hate and attack others because of differences, and we can't dub someone a complete racist for making a joke in a pub, as compared to someone who will lash out at others for no more reason that the fact that they are different. I could print about 30 racist jokes back to back, I know quite a few, but I'm not racist at all. I don't hate people for what type they are, it's what people do that make me call them twats, that's the way it should be :D

Still though, bit of a pillock that Ron is lol :D

Ron - the People's Champion (if we were all racists apparently)

When I was back in school, I was bullied by a few people, including a coloured kid called Ben, who was a good foot taller than me and physically built like a brick shithouse. One particular day, I was in a P.E. class, and in the changing room Ben elbowed me in the back 26 times, while counting them out to the rest of the school. I was in agony, and collapsed down. A few days later, I reported him to the teachers about it, and called him a "black bastard". Not because he was black, but because he hit me 26 times. I was dubbed a racist by the rest of the school kids for the next few months after that. Yet everyone was happy to let Ben carry on as normal, even though he hit me that amount of times, the twat. I'm sure he's changed now, but some people leave school still as the idiots they were when they were there, and those people will never properly learn.

I would like some sort of extra comments on to this, as I'm sure racism is something everyone hears of or suffers from at some point, stick your comments in if ya can be arsed :D

EDIT: just noticed this on BlogClicker;

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Now either Blog Clicker use your banner as an example, or every single person who see's this page see's my banner as instructions on how to use Blog Clicker :D


Friday, January 21, 2005

Real Wife Swops

Channel 5 are at it again. Playing some classic TV shows about Wife Swopping which could be happening up your street, much to the hope of all the single masterbating saddo's in normal suburbia. I watched this program out of disbelief, as a 60 year old couple were showing how their lives have benefitted from wife-swopping. It was like watching your quiet old next door neighbours getting involved with orgies, damn disturbing to a certain degree. Click here for Channel 5's description on this programme.

Just found this...The Local Girl...a very odd but good site. Nout to do with porn either :D

Blimey, finished watching "The 4400" season 1, damn odd ending to it. Was class though, some real nice ideas strung into it. The first to be abducted though, a small girl called Maia is still damn freaky. I was thinking that it was turning from something that could have been very well done to something like Roswell near the end of it though. Oh dear.

Am living off Crunchie Nut Cornflakes and 100cal packets of French Sticks at the mo....trying to limit the amount of crap I've been eating. Apparently men eat more chocolate than women according to a pole (damn Polish, who'd they think they are?), so I must be eating someone else's share :p Seriously though, I've put on alot of weight since working here, about 3 stone in weight in nearly 5 years of sitting in this office. That's alot of excess baggage.

Change of pace, here's some cats playing basketball.

Oh well, am going to carry on with work now, so there :D

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Back in work....

...and I'm not too bad. Looks like since I've been off work has tried to make some changes, which will make work a bit more interesting for us. Hurrah! (for once)

What a strange week I've had. Some real odd things happen, here's one for for starters;

Every Wednesday night our flat tennants place their rubbish outside our downstairs flat window. This is mainly because we are in the front room downstairs, right next to the main road, so we don't have a problem with it. Last night, we did have about 10-15 bags of rubbish there, which were all properly wrapped and sealed up. At 7pm, a delivery van for a very well known UK supermarket pulled up outside our flat, and dumped 10 bags of rubbish outside our flat, then feck off. I'm not going to say which store, but it's definately not Safeways, Sainsburys, Leo's, the Co-op, Spar, Kwik-Save, Lidl or Asda. The bags they used were of their store's too. So I rung them. In fairness, they did try to help, even though they said they'd ring me back this morning, and never did. Gits.

Change of pace.....

Here's a fat kid getting electrocuted

I also heard from one of the locals from our pub, that she paid £90 to visit a hypnotist to help her quit smoking. I'm assuming that the help was to make her skint so that she couldn't afford the cigarettes, let alone resist the urge to light up. The thing about this though was that she was smoking while telling us about it. Must've worked :D

Also on Sunday we had our pool match; a home fixture at our local. I had a bit of a rough day, so I basically started getting slaughtered about an hour before our pool match. We literally had to drag in extras from the pub to play, as we were short of players until just before the match. Yet somehow we still won 8-0. How? Feck knows. Complaining? Hell no, I was pished and still won in the singles and the doubles. Cmon!

One other thing worth mentioning. Tuesday night, I was meant to be going to my mate's 40th birthday bash. That didn't happen. Instead, at 6pm I'm waiting in the flat for the missus to come back from work with my car, so we could get ready to go. Instead, I get a phonecall saying that she's stuck outside work and the car won't start. So I walk to her workplace, and it was bloody cold. Had to walk about 1 'n'1/2 miles uphill in sub-zero temperatures to get to the car, which I started in 30 seconds of sitting in it. We got back to the flat, and pretty much went to bed coughing and wheezing after that. Christ.

Still though, there are some strange bloggers out there.

Has issues.

Also, I do believe this guy's comments about customer services in general are spot on. So do many others. Well done :p

Almost forgot.....

Just Up Your Street!

Watched this last night; it's like a pish poor version of Pop Idol, and twice as local to us. Last night, they aired the heat for the finalists from the Swansea auditions. One of the finalists, Christian Rae, used to work in a nightclub in Swansea, and used to serve us alot of drink. Nice enough bloke actually, almost bordering on gay though.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ultimate Farce

On ITV 1 in the U.K. at the moment, ever saturday night at 9pm, there is a program with more male testosterone than Fatima Whitbread called "Ultimate Force". A series following a make-beleive group in the British SAS, undergoing different missions, ie anything from hostage situations to getting a kebab from High Street. I was a bit pished last night, so I thought I'd watch what it had to offer us last night. Feck me.

Meant to be set in the wilds of Africa, but it looked more like Devon, the team are sent in to take a reporter to meet a rebel leader about something. Immediately even without trying I knew that the reporter was not who he said he was, because it's a man's show (they always have crap plot twists like this). I also knew that something bad was going to happen too, as it would be boring if they went "right, you've met him, cmon let's go home" and that was it. But the funniest bit by far was this;
The local Chief has been going around with a platoon killing anyone who didn't vote for him (because he's evil apparently), and he's attacking a small girl when Ross Kemp bumps into them. The Chief let's go of the girl, and looks worried until another unseen soldier sneaks up and puts a machette under Ross's chin from behind. Ross lowers his gun slowly and stands there. The chief says something evil, then pulls a flick-knife out to kill Ross. In the background, another SAS blokey shoots the guy holding the machette, which in turn flies up in the air. Ross catches it, and in one swift movement hops forward and in the most comedic way imaginable slices the Chief's head off in one fell swoop. My jaw dropped quicker than the Chief's head (due to it's badness), and Ross said something that was meant to be cool like "A little less conversation Chief" and walks off. It was a new low for Saturday night telly.

On BBC1 on the other hand, they have started showing a program called Sea of Souls (not to be pronounced Sea Arseholes), which is actually really good. About a parapsychology department in Clyde University, Glasgow, which has been approached about weird things happening locally. Instead of it being ashoe-string production, the BBC have actually produced something very nicely, which it could have turned out very easily like a bad B-Movie instead.

I've also been shopping; I've bought "The 4400" season 1 on DVD. I had a gut's full from listening to people who got Digital TV telling me how good it is, so I bought the DVD instead. Damn good viewing, I do agree :) If you haven't heard of it, visit the site and find out. In a nutshell though, it's about 4400 people who've been abducted over the last 60'odd years, and when a comet explodes over a lake, all 4400 people re-appear on the shoreline. But they're all not quite the same. Damn good, like re-inventing the X-Files all over again.

I'm still off work though (hurrah!), and am back in this Thursday, so back to bed for me :D

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