Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Half Way Through Training

Am included in a 24 man 5 day training course at the moment, for an older but well established product with our company. Is not going too badly actually, been quite a laugh. Makes a change here :)

Found some crazy stuff for you all first up; Pets Mobility . Do you want to provide money to petition for pets with mobiles? Look no further.

That's one big pile of shit.

Right, where've I been? I don't know. What have I been doing? I don't know that either. What I do know though, is that it's Friday, so I'm due a pishup tonight, which is cool :D

Considering that I've been working a 9 till 5 week (which is much better that the normal 9-12 5-9 format), I'm still quite exhausted by the amount of crud we've had to learn in work, and putting it into application is a mixture of knowledge and luck I've found. My first job (estimated at 12 minutes) took 50, while at one point a shouted and thumped the keyboard twice. I can see I'm going to enjoy this. Joy. Just like the old job. Still though, I must have done something else this week. Let's see;

1 - Re-wired my PC and fitted a new (ish) Radeon 9800 PRO into it. I was lucky to pick up the card 2nd hand, and it runs like a dream compared to me last one, which was a 128meg GeForce 4 Ti4200. Am well impressed with it, and it most probably helps that unlike the GeForce card, it wasn't absolutely full of dust and stopping the cooling fan from spinning. Blimey that card was stinking. I've got to go through my PC with a vacumn cleaner, I swear to god. There's more dirt in her than in the papers. In one of my older jobs, I worked with over-the-counter computer sales and support. One particular day, I was asked to check out this customer's PC as it was reknowned for being mortifyingly dirty. The customer knew this, and it was obviously some kind of running joke with him and the management with this, which was just as well. The PC Tower was sparkling white, and he bragged about how he made sure he'd cleaned the PC before bringing it down to the store. We popped the lid open on the counter......and it was the inside of a vacumn cleaner bag. Stinking wasn't the word. And to top it off, a SPIDER got out and walked across the counter in front of us. We laughed the guy out of the shop.

2 - Packed up my PS2, and I'm selling it. Got a load of games, which I haven't played in yonks on it at all. Too busy playing Mercenaries on the Xbox to care to be honest, top notch stuff. PAcked it up, and it's currently looking for a new home.

3 - Built a cupboard, and cut my hands to shreds.

4 - Played Mercenaries to death. Basically GTA in North Korea, classic game. Got most of the Clubs (deck of 52 terrorists, each area is a suit), and putting in bids for the Ace of Clubs very shortly.

5 - My website is past 1000 hits! Although it most probs was before I added the counter, but it's good to see the numbers on there going up :D

6 - Working too.

Been ill a few times over the last few months, and now today I'm having a meeting about it. In fairness, they did tell me to "try not to be ill", and I got the flu bad three days later (bloody typical). So I'm going to that later on. I'm really not fussed about this at all, as the worst thing they can do is give me a warning, which will not affect my job whatsoever. Tis all paperwork I suppose.

Heard that someone local got pulled over by two traffic cops locally, because a kid in his car saw the coppers, and decided to flick V's and pull faces at them. Once pulled over, the car was found to not be taxed and insured, and shouldn't have been on the road. I bet that kid go hammered lol
One other thing; I watched a documentary the other night about something quite bizarre. People who suffer from disorder called Prada Willi Syndrome, which is very serious in it's suffers. The only reason that I'll laugh, is because I typed the word Willi lol. But seriously :p people who suffer from this are affected by the way they eat, and they're metabolism rates. And when I say affected, I mean sufferes think that they are starving to death ALL THE TIME, and they're metabolism is such that it's four times harder to lose weight with it too. God's little joke me thinks. Before any of me mates say it, I'm not a sufferer of this, although I do ice-cream binge every once in a while :D. In the doumentary, they followed the lives of 3 families who have a child who suffers from this. One girl in America, and two boys in the UK. They had this guy aged 23, who was 31 stone. And although he was trying to diet, he was basically killing himself. He was going to football matches, and was hogging the hot-dog stand. The only thing I could really say about this, was......um....I bet he could shit.


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