Friday, February 18, 2005

Last But One Saturday In Work

Hmmmmm, now this is odd, work have re-arranged the shifts so that we are now from 2 weeks time not working weekends at all. About fecking time too, I need my beauty sleep (and for an ugly bastard, I need alot of sleep) :D

Spent alot of last night editing my old Jeccy's Den website, just to practise basic HTML, and also to tidy up the amount of crap I've dumped on my webspace. For once, it's looking mostly sorted and alot tidier. Not the webpage, but the webspace I'm keeping it on. Makes a change though; it used to look like my sock drawer.

Damn tired this morning, first time I've had a drink on friday night in ages. Feeling it this morning though, even though I only had 2. Was awake until 1am last night though, then up at 7. God damn.

Random Link Of The Day

Mongy Chops Cheery Tomato - Brilliance, but a bit distasteful if you are easily offended :D

Soz for shortness, and will post again on Monday.

Yey For Everything

Microsoft have had to retract 14 million Xbox power cables as there are fears that they may set themselves alight.

See Sony, it can do that as well!

It's a big day today. Eastenders kills off Dirty Den. Again. Wooo. Haven't the BBC got any better ideas though? Even though I gave up watching it 5 years ago as it became so incredibly far-fetched I thought I was watching an episode of the X-Files. Car chases and people threatening to commit suicide, car bombs and shootings. Just like your normal community. Bollocks it is. But still, tonight there are three women who attack Den, and one of them kills him. Then apparently they bury him under the Queen Vic. Oh the irony of it all. Like. The TV critics have lapped this all up, and are loving all of this conspiracy stuff. Personally, I think Dot did it. I mean look at the pic below, she means trouble.

"Alreet, I've drawn you a Pirate" - LIES

But I don't let these things get to me, you know. I take things in my stride. Like.

Other news, Prince Charles and Camilla have cocked up royally (ahem), when trying to book they're wedding. They've only booked it in a place in Guilford town centre lol. I mean a hall in the middle of a street in the town centre as well; there's a newsagents a few doors down ffs. I bet the Queen has flipped her lid :D

On the B3ta newsletter this week, they have posted a link to the hardest url challenge that I have ever tried. If you like your puzzles, check this bastard puzzle out. I got to the 5th screen and was totally stumped.

I don't mind the occasional brain work-out, but that puzzle is the equivalent of a frontal lobotamy. I got to stage 8 though, which the answer is mukki.htm if you don't believe me.

Also found out why the office printer don't work;

"Who'se been printing Richard Gere stuff?"

Random Link Of The Day

Bunny Suicides - See bunnys commit hari-kari in the best ways possible. Very funny stuff.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Past the Two Thousand Mark

God knows why though, as all I talk about is bollocks.

Hello rat fans, nnneeeeeeeeeahhh, and welcome to a post-valentine's blog entry. My cunning purchase of a large bouqet of flowers delivered to the wife's work place has saved my balls from being removed from my person, and am now getting food cooked for me on a regular basis again. Hurrah!

What really annoys me is the fact that I have had to type this three damn times, as blogger decided to fall over last night and wipe all of what I typed in. Was about bollocks though, so it saved you alot of pain.

Link Of The Day

Speed Relief

Charity site setup for Comic Relief in conjunction with the BBC, and a real annoying speed racing game. Prepare to curse. My best time so far is 9.270 seconds, but I'm getting quicker :p

Annoying game, but damn addictive

Got 8.759 secs, hurrah! I might do some work now.

What I did type about yesterday was the ban on fox-hunting tonight, but it got deleted (cheers blogger!). So, to reiterate;

In the USA the big court case over there is obviously the Michael Jackson case. Over in the U.K. however, we've got the case of banning fox hunting. Myself personally speaking, I think it's mostly ok that they are banning it. There are some people who legitimately make their livelihood from the hobbie, like hunting supply shops, the dog breeders and stable people who will loose alot of money from this ban. They will loose out alot, which is an unfortunate side-effect of the ban, and the ban is not directly targetting these people. The people which the ban is targetting are the ones on horseback setting 50 dogs onto a small woodland creature, then blowing it's brains out with a shotgun afterwards.

Some of these toffs have bragged about how after the ban they will still continue to do this, as if they are above public opinion. I do have a solution to this issue;

1 - Arrest the toff while in full hunting gear. This is an important factor, which will come into focus later.

2 - Offer the toff two options. Option 1 is to stick him in prison for Cruelty to Animals etc for 6 months, or option 2 is to send him on a reform holiday for 2 weeks in Spain. They should pretty much take option 2 as default, unless they are completely stupid. Heh heh heh.

3 - Fly them over to Spain still in his hunting suit , and invite them into a large enclosed courtyard with a small table and a shotgun, loaded with blanks. The hunter doesn't know this however, as all he can see is a loaded shotgun.

4 - Lock him in there, and release twenty bulls in with him.

5 - Watch how the hunter understand the irony, or just get ripped to shreds, whatever tickles your tastebuds.

Bunch Of Cocks At Play

Down to 8.568 secs now, whooosh.

Also found Puppy Times, a game coming out on the Nintendo DS. Takes tamagochis to a whole new level with this.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Rugby's Going Well

In the 6 Nations, it looks like it's out of 3 teams at the moment; Wales, France and Ireland. They've all won the first two matches, with France really looking like they had alot of luck in both to be fair. In my honest and non-biast welsh opinion, it's out of Wales and Ireland, which as far as I'm aware is one of the last matches in the tournament too. I'm gonna be drunk that day :)

Anyhows, tis Valentine's Day today, good lordie, and I'm not expecting any kind of cards at all (well except for the card the wife gave me, but that doesn't count really). Knowing my luck, the only card I'd get is one from an inmate called "Bottle Neck Edwards" with a tattoo of Jeccius on his arm ffs. Although I'm making this clear now that I'm not requesting any cards or e-cards from anyone whatsoever (let's see if reverse psychology will get the birds). I never got a Valentine's card in school, which is just as well as I went to an all male's school for five years. One of the teachers winking at you as you open the card, uuurrrgggh.

Do Old People Love Valentine's Day? Do they know it's Valentine's Day? Who knows.

Father Ted used to deal with old people very comically, and included them in some awesome jokes, even if they weren't anything to do with mainstream Father Ted either; like this famous Quiz Presenter on TV doing a quiz show the telly with three granny contestants;

Host - "First question, what is the capitol of England?"

Granny 1 snores, granny 2 looks confused, and granny 3 presses the button.

Host - "Yes?"

Granny 3 - "Oh sorry about that, I leaned on the button."

Host - "I've give you a clue, you all live there."

Granny 2 presses the button.

Host -"Yes Agnes?"

Granny 2 - "Aren't you the man off the television?"

Grannies are amazing. We should be able to train them like Pokemon and battle it out in the Olympics, we really should :D

Completely off on a tangent, I can't believe has got nothing to do with Eastenders; the BBC missed an oppertunity there. They could've made a mint guv.

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