Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm Off For Another Week

Next week, I'll be off-work and offline for a while, as me and the missus are taking some time out and getting away from it all for a bit. What I am thinking though, is that when I come back online I'm going to do something a bit different. In fact, I have got an idea, which involves something on Jeccy's Den to a certain degree too, but more about that at a later date.

Some basic facts about the UK; the Royalty have been having barmies again, what with Charles and Camilla getting married somewhere else. Where that somewhere else is is still undetermined (loads of public rumours surround this), but apparently the Queen has told them that she's not going to the service. Stuck up cow, it's your bloody son, do you want him to be miserable (ok then, more than normal)? The pillock.

"Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Michael Jackson."
"Michael Jackson who?"
"Congratulations, you're on the jury."

Not going to say anything about the case, it's just that that joke made me smile a bit.

The Simpsons have announce that they are having their first gay character (even though the character has been in the show for years), in a recent episode. See an article here on the BBC news site telling you who the gay character is, as the surprise is too much. Ok, maybe not.

Otherwise, here's a picture of shorty from work, super-imposed on Crazy Frog.

If it doesn't work, it's cos the ntl FTP servers are on the blink (joy!)

Hmmmmm....Challenge Time

A few days have passed since I last posted anything. Updating a blog when you work a monotonous job is kinda difficult, even if it's just to find something to talk about. When you do there same thing over and over again, the topics which you can grab are fewer and fewer, and you start sounding like a party political broadcast, which I hate. So......something needs to be done about this. I need to think of a sure fire way of getting by, day to day, in the Land of Jeccius. But it can't be via the use of a gimmick though; it has to be something geniune, original, and not commonly used, if only to stand out from other blogs.

Feck me, challenge time.

So, what can I do then? I'm not bothering with the normal questionnaire, or a pub quiz as such, oh no. What I'm proposing is this;

Ask me to find or draw (yep, you read it right) something funny relating to a topic of your choice. The topic must not be smutty, must not be blue or incredibly rude, before I attempt to attack it and display my results on the next post. I've done some different pics on my other basic site, which is Jeccy's Den. Should be fun :)

For any blogger who does this, I shall add their link on the right-hand side of the web-page, and promise to make an effort to read it as well (unless it's written in Flemish).

PS - no cocks will be used in the pictures. Nor jugs or the furry cup. Sorry to disappoint.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Oh The Pain!

Hate going into work Monday morning. I've gotta do stuff like wake up, and remember that I've got to earn money for the bills. I am completely tired though, had a good drink fest on saturday, and didn't get to rest properly on Sunday morning either, so I is cream-crackered.

What's happened then? David and Victoria Beckham's had a new sprog named "Cruz Beckham". This has stirred some crud up in the news, including the fact that in Spain, the name Cruz is mainly for girls lol. Apparently the experts think they named him Cruz so he would fit in. That kid is going to be beaten badly at school lol.

Random Piccy Of The Day

"We're being hunted..."

I made that in MS Paint, dead chuffed :) I'll post it on B3ta late me thinks; they are running a competition on what fox hunters will do after the ban (click here to see the entries).

Yey, just found out that work have conned us out of a pre-arranged shift swap, and changed they're minds last minute. We were told that we would work a 32 hour week for the same pay as 37, but lose our 6 month bonus (for working the split shift rota). So we've lost our bonus, but are still working the full 37 hours instead. What a bunch of wankers.

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